Is it a sin to disobey the confessors instructions?

Last month I went to confession after not going for about a year or two, I decided to come back to God with all my heart, but during the confession, the priest told me not to play violent video games, later when I went to a different confession (who was a different priest), I asked him if playing violent video games was a sin, and he said no, and told me as long as I don’t let it influence me I’ll be fine. My concern is weather or not disobeying what the priest from the first confession told me was a sin, because I have been playing those games, not out of malice, but because it’s both a hobby of mine and that’s how my friends and I bond together(by playing those games together), and I feel really guilty. I also want to mention I tend to be scrupulous and I have all the symptoms of OCD.

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