Is it a sin to ditch school?


Today was the last day of school (I am in high school). It was a minimum day and no teachers were doing anything because we finished finals yesterday and there’s nothing left to do. Coming to class is technically required but none of the teachers expect you to, and I had a couple teachers tell us they didn’t really want anybody to show up. I went to a couple classes just to hang out with people (they both had, like, 10 people there, out of a class of 30ish) and then I went ahead and ditched my last several classes. My parents were fine with it and I pretty much told all my teachers ahead of time and they didn’t care, so…yeah. I’m kind of leaning towards this being nbd. I certainly didn’t think of it that way at the time but, like, you know how things sometimes just kind of hit you after the fact? Yeah.


I don’t think so. It’s definitely not a mortal sin. You don’t do anything that day and there really isn’t much to do. When I was a senior, we didn’t HAVE to go the last week, some kids did. Weird :rolleyes:
We had finals the week before. We had to show up for a meeting like Monday and graduation practice Wednesday and Thursday we graduated. It’s really no big deal.


God does not recognize human authority. Therefore you are not bound to follow human law. You are only bound by divine law which are the 10 commandments, the golden rule, and the great commandment.


That’s interesting. So I can break the speed limit because it’s not in the Ten Commandments?!




And Jesus said, ''Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s.


@hans w
Breaking the speed limit ( driving recklessly) is endangering the lives of others thus breaks the golden rule.
The 10 commandments are nothing but a prelude to the golden rule and great commandment. The golden rule encompasses all the 10 commandments as well as everything not mentioned. Instead of giving us a list of taboos Jesus gave us a single rule to measure every action by. This is why Jesus said" I have not come to destroy the law and the prophets but to fulfill them".

Thats not what Jesus meant by that verse. Otherwise stop opposing gay marriage since its legal now. And all those Christians in north korea deserve to be in jail because spreading religion is against the law over there.


Those laws aren’t just.


You had teachers recommend that no one comes to school on that day,
I would accept that as Permission to stay home,or go home,
I hope you did well with your schooling,. Those days are a pain, but vital to your future ,


Absolutely wrong!!


In this situation it doesn’t sound like a sin. You had permission from some of your teachers and your parents. At my sons’ former school, they used to have tests on the very last day so the kids absolutely had to go. When I was younger though, the last day of school was a total waste of time.


What Jesus meant was that with taxes, speed limits and other concerns of the state, we should recognize the legitimate authority of the state. But the state can’t change men into women, order people of conscience to materially supply ABC and abortafacient, or sanction a marriage with people of the same sex.

God most certainly does recognize the need for civil authority. It’s civil authority that does not recognize God and that’s going to cause us a lot of problems over the next few years.


Definite no.
Our last day is tomorrow, it’s a half day, finals are already complete, and I will not be taking attendance.


As long as you are showing proper caution to other drivers, it’s not a sin to go over the speed limit either.


Whew, good, because I typically go 5 over all the time.

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