Is it a sin to do competative martial arts?

I know it is a sin to strike another person, but what if that person is wearing protective gear and it’s a matter of comparison of skill rather than anger or judgement.

It is not a sin to strike someone when it is part of a sport between competitors. It is a sin to strike someone in anger or to injure them intentionally just because you want to hurt them. People who compete in martial arts know that they are going to hit and be hit while sparring. It’s part of the sport and not a sin.
It’s a sin to murder someone, but in a just war it isn’t a sin to cause someone’s death when you are fighting as a soldier. it’s not the same as unjustly killing someone.
So don’t slug someone you are mad at, but sparring in martial arts is fine.

I think that it is a sin if you know that the other person will receive injuries. My personal opinion is that sports like boxing and maybe MMA could be sinful. Even if it appears more gruesome, MMA has probably a lower probability of damaging the opponent compared to boxing. However, trauma is trauma.

I hope not - most of my Catechism kids are involved in some form of martial arts. It gives them self-confidence and poise. :slight_smile:

I think that an action is sinful even if the intent is not to injure someone but you know that it will. This is similar to say: “I know that this is grave matter and I really do not mean to offend God but I will still do it” that is still mortal sin.

Again that is my moral take, and I cannot pass it as a doctrine of the Church. I do not have references to do so.

My son is in the same situation and sometime people could get hurt. However, most of the disciplines are taught in a manner to prevent damage.

I think though, that in the sport in question, the fact that the opponent will receive injuries is not a given, it is an incidental and probabilistic factor but does not form part of the intent.

An analogy would be a good vigorous hockey game (excluding fights), where injury is not the goal, but injury might occur due to the rough nature of the sport, players bumping into each other or the boards, getting hit by a puck or stick, etc.

So I quite believe that competing in martial arts is not of itself sinful. In fact I believe that most martial arts teach some degree of restraint when tackling an opponent whether in competition or in a real-life threat, and in real life, only using lethal force if absolutely necessary for self-defense.

I am not arguing to you on this. I have not really looked to much into the details and that is why I just mention my own moral take. At this point the only sport that I have an issue with is boxing.

So basically, as long as you make a consensual sport out of something, you can do it without sin. Would this work for pay-per-view orgasm contests? Or does the body suddenly become a temple again once sex is involved?

Anyone stepping onto a football field, basketball court, ice rink is knowingly accepting the risk of serious injury from a hard hit – which may or may not be legal as defined by the game – whether delivered in anger or not. And if you’re playing these games you are expected to deliver hard, clean hits (even BB, don’t deny it) that might cause injury.

Just don’t play the game if you think this is a sin.

there’s a gigantic moral chasm between engaging in something that carries risk of physical harm and engaging in something that requires intention of physical harm.

I’ve intended to ring the bell of every enemy hockey player I’ve legally hip checked over the boards. Is That A Sin? ©

if you knew that ringing their bell brings harm to their brain (which it does), yes it was a sin. if you didn’t know it was hurting them, and this was truly an occasion of honest ignorance, then no. but now you know. or at least you have reason to investigate further.

Everyone knows what ringing a bell means. All those years and years of unrepentant sinning … if I were Catholic, this would weigh heavily on my conscience.

or even a Christian

We can all freely have an opinion on this because the Church does NOT teach that participating in martial arts, boxing etc is sinful. Therefore it is not sinful.

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