Is it a sin to do homework on a Sunday?

Is it?


Sorry man!

It’s no sin!

haha I wish…

sorry out of luck. We have to do our homework.

I think if you could have done it on Saturday…but chose to…let’s say watch a sporting event for a couple of hours. Then when Sunday came…you chose to do the homework…instead of go to Vespers…which you sometimes do…then maybe…it might be a venial sin. But, if you have so much homework…that you just really needed to do it…I guess it’s ok. I always advise my kids to finish there homework on Friday, Saturday. Then, if neccessary, they can study on Sunday for exams possibly on Monday…

Hope that helps.


Hmm, I don’t know about serious a sin, but if you can do it on Saturday, why wait for Sunday? If it bothers your conscience than perhaps there’s something to it. In that sense, I disagree with the previous responders.

It’s not sin to get your sheep out of a ditch on Sunday, unless she fell in on Saturday and you knew about it. :wink:

Edit: Looks like Napoli just beat me to it.

do you have a reason for thinking homework comes under the heading of servile work?

No it is not. There are certain obligations that we need to get done and if they fall on a Sunday we should not feel bad about doing them on that day. But since Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest and a day that we are to keep holy, we should try to do all our obligations (homework, shopping, housework , etc.) during the other 6 days so that when Sunday comes you can actually do as the Church intends for you on that day - to spend some time with God, to make it holier than the other 6 days, spend time some quality time with your family, etc. The only possible sin I can think of is the sin of negligence that happens during one’s week where you use the time you should have been using to do your homework, housework or whatever and now you have to do them on Sunday because you used your time poorly the rest of the week. I would say in this sense there would be at least a venial sin for being careless with your time during the week which caused your Sunday to not be as reserved for rest and prayer.

Certainly not if you have an exam on Monday! :wink:

College readings are so long and borring:D. Not to mention papers.

Resting on Sunday doesn’t include intellectual work, like homework. So while you might be able to get out of doing certain things, or while you may be exused from having no other choice BUT to do certain things on Sunday, neither senario applies to intellectual work.

We’ve all asked that one :slight_smile:

Of course not :thumbsup:

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