Is it a sin to drink mineral water named one of pagan gods name?


If title of the food product, plant varieties, name of company (that made garment), and so forth, is:

  • name of some pagan gods;
  • symbolizes the evil spirit;
  • something of Eastern religions,
    is it a sin before the first commandment of God to use those products?


If so we had better come up with different names for the planets and the days of the week. What about the names of the months? Haven’t checked those. Be well.


These “is it a sin to [insert mundane activity that is not a sin]” threads are reaching new lows of absurdity almost daily.

The Middle East violence is now infecting the USA and Europe…and Catholics want to discuss the threads we see over and over? Is this the level of catholic “moral theology?!?”

I’m going to leave for a while. What’s to gain by staying? Nothing I can see.


Why would it be a sin? Nobody even worships pagan gods anymore. They probably just liked the name.

Lots of things are named after pagan gods. Planets are also named after pagan gods. Using a product with a pagan god’s name is not worshiping the pagan god. :shrug:


So buy another brand. :shrug:
There’s hundreds.


Oh my goodness. I don’t even pay attention to stuff like this. Should I stop using “Venus” razors to shave my legs? No more cereal (“Ceres”) No “Nike” shoes. No “Eos” lip balm, etc. etc. etc.

That’s it! I living in a cave from now on.



Or you could just drink it out of the tap and donate your water budget to a well deserving charity that feeds the poor.


But watch out for devil’s food cake!


Don’t worry! No need for an exorcism if you eat angel food cake ASAP. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this sort of thing must simply be a kind of parlor game for some people. Don’t let it get to you.


Nuts! Why would it be?


if it is, you’d better stop eating any MARS brand candies. And if you like pita bread, don’t buy Athena.

Please tell me you are joking…no, its NOT a sin.


It would depend on factors like what the company in question is using their profits to support as well as whether the name chosen is merely for its aesthetic qualities or if the company truly has an allegiance to Satan. To me it seems the greatest danger of sin in this regard would be that of scandal, not necessarily a violation of the 1st Commandment.


Don’t be so sure. The pagan “gods” were always and will always be demons from hell (Ps 96:5). And though few worship them under the names they had in antiquity (Jupiter, Venus, Mars, etc.), they have more disciples now than ever before under new aliases such as Feminism, Indifferentism, Materialism, and Relativism.


Or builds wells! :smiley:

But just wait…someone will come on this thread and feed the scrupulous.
Just give em a minute…:wink:


Fixed that for ya :smiley:

The bigger question, for me, is - why do I keep clicking on them and reading them?


It’s already happened… :slight_smile:

…though this is actually a valid point, it could easily be a stumbling block to the scrupulous. :o

The only place I might draw the line from the OP’s post is “the name of an evil spirit”, but apart from corny heavy metal bands, who uses those names? Satan mineral water? Asmodeus candies? Never heard of any such thing. :smiley:

We should start an “Is this a sin?” game at the Clubhouse, just for fun. :wink:


Anything could be a stumbling block to the scrupulous. Are we here to give our honest opinions or to censor our posts so as not to “trigger” their scruples?


Well to be fair…some others have triggers as well.


I understand your holy degree. But the imminence of the importance of this lies in your angelic orientation to the Eucharist.

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