Is it a sin to eat dessert on Fridays during Lent?

Is it a sin to eat ice cream or other desserts on fridays during Lent (or any day of lent for that matter)?


(As long as it doesn’t have bacon in it - I’ve heard chocolate covered bacon is quite good).

Chocolate covered bacon tends to get soggy :stuck_out_tongue: I like where your head is, though!

The only issue with dessert is on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Maybe you could claim ice cream is one of your meals, but I think God would be onto you.

A sin! Waw! That is going too far!

No, its not a sin!!!

Not unless you gave desserts up for Lent.

Not even then, surely?

Such are ‘voluntary’ and may be ‘voluntarily’ changed…

Thats right, Its not a sin even if you said you would give it up. That is just weakness like its the same for me as i said i would give up chocolate but have had a little and the same with wine!

Lent sundays we are allowed to break the lent fast if we choose.

Dessert on friday -Ok -i do not think it is a sin.
Did you give up desserts for lent?
Lent is a completely personal voluntary chosen set of what you will do (prayer etc) or fast from.

What the catechism says is its under pains of mortal sin to deliberately, freely, and in free will do no fasting at all during all of lent.

If you did not give up desert for lent thats no problem
If you change your mind about what you gave up thats okay too, catechism just says it is grave matter to do no fasting at all for lent.

Maybe youve given up chocolate or sweets or biscuits otherwise?

Sometimes it is a sin ‘NOT’ to have that lovely cake!! lol

or frozen pudding ice cream.

Thank you for the correction. :slight_smile:

You mean, not even do what is obligatory, that is no meat and meat products on Fridays, and fasting on Ash Wednesday (unless you are freed from it for health reasons of course, which I doubt anybody would be for the abstinence)…?

Thank you all for your input.

i didn’t give up dessert this lent (though I did 2 years ago).

I am asking because I was at a sea food restaurant with my family on a Friday a while back, and declined to eat dessert, and for some reason they decided to all order dessert and eat it in front of me. I didn’t order dessert because I wasn’t sure it would be permissible.

2043 The fourth precept (“You shall observe the days of fasting and abstinence established by the Church”) ensures the times of ascesis and penance which prepare us for the liturgical feasts and help us acquire mastery over our instincts and freedom of heart.

The days of fasting and abstinence are Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

Plus abstinence on the Fridays during Lent, whereas here I am not sure if that depends on the country or region.

During the Fridays of Lent it is universally an obligation to abstain from eating meat (it is NOT country dependent).
As for the other Fridays of the year it depends in which country you live as to whether this is an obligation or if another penance may be chosen.

Currently this is true, but sometimes I wonder if the Church did us a favor by relaxing the discipline. Weak human nature is just that and always prone to the passions that bear no fruit. Give us your strength, O Lord.

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