Is it a sin to eat in class?


I think (not totally sure) that the overarching school rules are that students may not eat in class. However, most teachers specifically say that it’s ok to eat in class. Almost all my teachers have explicitly stated that they recognize it is beneficial to concentration and simply not a big deal to have a snack in class, as long as you are responsible enough to throw away trash, clean up any spills, ect.
I’ve had a classes where teachers will bring in food for the students to eat while they work. My English teacher is a huge fan of ethnic cuisine and will sometimes randomly bring in foreign foods and pass it out to the class. My French teacher quite literally is setting up a coffee machine in his room available for student use, and often encourages students to bring snacks and beverages during long lecture days and tests. I used to have a history teacher that would sell food in the classroom before class started. Clearly, if this is technically a school rule, absolutely nobody is taking it seriously.

I used to eat in class all the time whenever the teacher said it was ok, until it occurred to me that maybe the school rules in general override the teacher’s specific word. I haven’t done it since, not because I thought it was wrong but really more “just in case”, with the exception being times when sharing food was part of an assignment (which has happened in both English and biology so far), during my time in the school play, and just today for pretty much no good reason except that I was mentally exhausted of rules and trying to live my life a little bit.
Eating in class was most definitely an aid to my learning experience back when i do to do it regularly. Some of you might say it’s ridiculous but it used to be one of the things that would always help me get through a very long and dull school day. I always enjoyed drinking coffee in class, especially in math and biology class which can sometimes go on for about an eternity and a half. I would say that they “seem” to go on for an eternity and a half, but I have my days where I’m not so sure that they literally don’t.

I really just want to eat and drink in class again. I’m sick of sitting through long, empty periods of biology and English and all these dumb classes and I’m dreading finals week, when I will have the pleasure of sitting through every single class for over two hours each and taking a massively dull exam, and all I really want to do is have a darned cup of coffee during that mind-numbing hundred question multiple choice biology final. I have literally no idea if this is morally objectionable or not. If it is, then whatever, I won’t do it again and I’ll just deal with the fact that life sucks sometimes. But if it is not, I would really like to know because I’m so tired mentally and physically and emotionally that it would be honestly such a relief to be able to sit back a bit and eat a pastry in French class for heavens sakes.

Wow this is really long but oh well, writing massive amounts of overly detailed opinionated nonsense is easily the skill that has been the most frequently polished during my years in high school. Looks like I’m prepared for my theatre final after all.


It’s not a sin to eat at class. Some of my professors allow eating and drinking in class. Don’t be too scrupulous about these things. Just calm down. :wink:


When I was at school and university, I would have loved the opportunity to have something to eat or drink during the classes or lectures. How times have changed! I’m sure it’s fine to do this, it’s up to the individual teacher.


Here’s what I do if I were in this situation and my conscience was not strong enough to eat in class… I would look up to see if this really is a school rule, and if so, perhaps contact some person knowledgable/in charge of school rules and ask… do professors have the power to overthrow this rule at whim, as well as ask the reason for the rule. Or maybe just ask the reason for the rule and see if the professor’s reasons for ignoring said rule trump the reason the school instituted the rule in the first place.


Not sinful. In college, I had a class at a certain time of the day that our blood sugar had dropped, and our professor ENCOURAGED us to eat a pick-me-up during class.

This has nothing to do with sin. It’s a matter of policy.


When I was a kid, eating in class was forbidden.

Nowadays, the rules seem a lot more relaxed.

Regardless, it has nothing to do with morality or sin.


If forbidden by the teacher, it would be AT MOST a very slight venial sin.


For small matters like this, the rules are at the teacher’s discretion. If your teacher is okay with it, then it is fine.


If the teachers allow it, and if you are careful to clean up after yourself, then go ahead.

In my day, when I was in college, we used to smoke in class, and drink soda pop and coffee. I’m sure people brought chips and candy, as well.

In high school I remember people bringing pop and candy to class, as well. It’s not a new thing, and if there was ever a rule against it, I was never aware of it.

Elementary school was a different story, of course - there was no food allowed in the building at all, and people were expected to go home for lunch, and to go outside with their snacks at recess time.


Hi Person,
Sure you can eat and drink in class.
That’s not what bothers me about your post, however. It’s that you find school so massively boring.
You have an opportunity to learn all about language, history, science, etc – and give your input, share your ideas. When will this chance come your way again? Okay, probably in college, where you’ll go through the same things again, if you plan to go to college.
Right now you are laying the foundation for college, and most high school students are so poorly prepared that college professors have to devote the first semesters to bringing students up to speed on basic stuff.
If this is true, that “writing massive amounts of overly detailed opinionated nonsense is easily the skill that has been the most frequently polished”, that’s a shame. Why don’t you practice writing clear, cogent insightful prose, so that you leave high school with the ability to excel in writing?
If biology is boring, raise your hand and ask a probing question, like “is it true that human-animal hybrids could be created? What are the moral implications of that?” Challenge yourself to ace the boring multiple choice finals. That can be fun.
Drink coffee during your exams, and eat pastry in French class. God did not mean for life to be dull and our efforts mediocre.
God bless.


Hey, Viki.
I wrote this post at about 3 AM last night. I was very tired and feeling frustrated, especially about my feelings of scrupulosity, and I can see now that I channeled a lot of that frustration into my language choices. It’s also been a bit of a trying week, since I had a week’s worth of absent work to make up in addition to all the final projects that teachers are layering on right now, so you’re right, I am just a tiny bit done with all the schoolwork at the moment, but I’m not like this usually.

Most of the time I actually quite enjoy school, probably more than I ever have before. Biology is really the only class that I do not like at all and that’s partially just because I took it and failed it last year, and now I’m taking it again at an even lower level and I still barely understand what’s going on, and I feel quite cynical about the entire thing. The rest of my classes, the vast majority of the time I’m happy to be there. I think it’s ok to have just one bad subject.

That said, 2 hour long exams are boring no matter how much you enjoy the subject. Speaking and writing French is probably one of my favorite things in the world to do and I’m still not super psyched about doing it for an entire extended period. Same goes for Spanish, and English, and math. Having a bit of food and drink will help a lot. Thanks a lot, guys.


I assume you’re talking about college, not high school. I encourage my college students to bring food and drink (non-alcoholic) to class if they are hungry. Other professors I know in the same Department don’t allow food in class and write so on the syllabus. My feeling is that the body and mind influence one another and eating can thus be beneficial to learning. (I teach psychology.) However, I do discourage food that has a strong smell which may disturb other students. In sum, I doubt eating in class is a sin since there are rules on the books of schools that have not been enforced for years: “More honored in the breach than the observance,” as Shakespeare wrote.


Don’t worry about it - I would go ahead and eat in class. The teacher is responsible for knowing the rules and for classroom management, so if he/she allows eating in the classroom, I don’t see a problem.


No, I’m in high school, if it makes any difference. I go to a really liberal public high school right smack in the middle of California that generally has so little regard for non-academic rules like food in class, dress code, electronics, ect, it’s kind of amusing sometimes.


If they don’t care about eating food in class, it’s not a sin.


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