Is it a sin to fellowship/worship with Non-Catholic Christians?


Well, is it a sin to worship and fellowship with Non-Catholic Christians? For instance, I am involved in a college ministry (called Christian Campus House) that is a non-denominational ministry (the college minister is part of the Independent Christian Church/Church of Christ movement), but people of various denominations (including Assemblies of God, Anglican, etc.) are involved and, actually, I met my current RCIA sponsor at CCH.

Anyway, I hang out there a lot (they have a student lounge, etc.) and I go to their Tuesday night thing called M&M (Meal and a Message), where there is free food, then worship (some people take Communion; obviously, I do not) and a message (obviously, the messages are not geared for Catholics, but I feel I am pretty good at knowing what is in line with Catholicism and what is not…nothing Anti-Catholic though that I have heard). Then, on Thursday nights, they have ‘Man Church’ (it’s basically a bunch of the guys get together and hang out, maybe do a service project or something or discuss Scripture), which I also attend.

So, is this sinful to be involved with them? Obviously, I always go to Mass on Sunday.

Also, is it wrong to fellowship with non-Catholic Christians (after all, I still have many friends from my Protestant days)?


Have not several Popes participated in Divine Liturgies with the Orthodox Church?

The Orthodox are not in union with Rome, so if it is good enough for the Holy Father … then it is good enough for us!

As far as Catholics worshiping with non-Catholic Christians (which I myself sometimes do), there are a couple of things we need to remember:

*]Catholics may never substitute a non-Christian service for the Sunday obligation of our Mass (as you had stated)
*]the only other church we may receive communion in other than our own is an Orthodox church
*]people going to other Christian churches should be honest with themselves in knowing that they are well grounded in their faith so as to not be tempted to conversion
*]Catholics that go to other Christian churches should be mature enough spiritually so that they may allow for good ecumenical relations
If the above protective conditions are met, then it should be a.o.k…

I have a large group of non-Catholic Christian friends, and it becomes an opportune time for me to share our Christian faith and for introducing them to a Catholic who knows his faith and is obedient to Holy Mother Church. :thumbsup:


Sin? How could it be a sin to fellowship with non-Catholic Christians? Aren’t they our brothers and sisters in Christ? How could it be a sin? We do not participate their “Communion” of course, if any.


nsper7, although I am not Catholic, I think worshiping with non-Catholics is permitted as long as you don’t participate in their communion. Someone asked a similar question, and Michelle Arnold (one of the staff apologists for CAF) said this:

…it is not a sin for a Catholic to occasionally attend another Christian church for just cause (e.g., as a guest, for an ecumenical service), so long as the Catholic meets the Mass obligation at a Catholic church and does not receive Protestant communion…
(the initial question concerned someone who was looking for a church outside of the Catholic Church, which Ms. Arnold then warned against.)


Your right in saying that the link you provided dealt with an apologist who was specifically addressing the issue of a “church shopping” Catholic (i.e. “looking for another church”).

As for myself, I fairly regularly attend a non-Sunday Evangelical service. I do so for 2 reasons:

*] I have never heard the faith filled preacher speak against the Catholic Church in his sermon
*] the fellowship there permits me GREAT respite from the mixed bag of liberal catholics that I have to deal with at my own parish
At my church, bringing up the evils of liberalism, gay marriage, abortion etc. in a social setting usually results in a good number of dissident catholics arguing against Church Teaching and IN FAVOR of these social evils.

What a drag …

So I rather enjoy my time at the small Evangelical church, where people FREELY, POSITIVELY and UNANIMOUSLY speak against those moral evils.

How Refreshing!

And at the same time (if the subject of Catholicism comes up) these people get a chance to meet a serious Catholic who has thoroughly studied his faith and can give polite and charitable answers for why I believe what I do.

This is probably not be advisable for every Catholic, because to be in this kind of setting a Catholic has to first be strong, charitable, and well grounded in their faith.

For me, it’s right down my alley!



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