Is it a sin to get aroused when you're having a bath?


Hi, what happened today is that I had a bath and I was already a little aroused when I woke up. I took a bath and when I had to clean my private parts I knew that would get me aroused even more but I had to clean them. It happened like that. No sexual thoughts took place and I was singing the Gloria through the process. Was this even a sin?
I worry about these things because I heard that every sexual sin is a grave one so I tend to be scrupulous whenever I get aroused.


nope, not a sin. normal bodily function. good for you for ignoring it, that’s a battle i lost for 50 years.


Thanks for replying, I used to be adicted to masturbation so I am “trained”, I haven’t done it in months now and I used to do it almost every day last year.


congratulations! God bless you, and may He continue to strengthen you. i have been freed from my chains for 15 months, praise be to God!


Amen!! God bless you and strengthen you too!!


thank you brother!:thumbsup:


You’re welcome! Have a nice day!


Shoot! I think what I actually felt was sexual plesure, does it change anything??


nope. you can actually feel sexual pleasure without any motivation of your own. you didn’t encourage it, that’s where the near occasion of sin begins.


Now is when scruples begin! I am now wondering if I actually wanted it to happen or not, if I was just trying to trick myself to do it. I’m a freaking mess.


best way to rid yourself of scruples is confession. the priest will help you, and you’ll feel complete relief.


I’ll follow your advice, I confessed yesterday, I wasn’t hoping to do it again soon.


i don’t blame you, but if these things keep nagging at you, only a priest can give you counsel and comfort.


I hope so. God bless you and your home.


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