Is it a sin to go into a strip club?

As a Christian, is it a sin to go into a strip club if you do not look with lust in your heart?
Can you please provide references to the Bible that would support/explain why something of this nature would (or would not) be considered a sin?

Dear friend,

Let’s begin with common sense and honesty. Why do men go to strip clubs? At best, they go there to feed their fantasies. At worst, they go to be sexually stimulated. Both reasons are focused on the sexual appearance of women and not with women as full persons. What they do not do, is go to such places to grow in respect for women.

Strip clubs exist to make a profit on men’s moral weaknesses. They are not harmless. Even if one were to visit such a place without lust in one’s heart as you say (though if you are heterosexual, I doubt that you would not be adversely affected), to visit such a place is to support an industry that cheapens our culture and provides nothing to the common good of society.

Strip clubs treat women as objects for men’ sexual gratification. To treat anyone strictly as an object for one’s gratification is sinful whether it is sexual or not.

As for Scripture, to reflect on how our Blessed Lord allowed His body to be so tortured on our behalf, is to think twice about the way we look at our bodies and the bodies of others. YES; it IS sinful to go to a strip club!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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