Is it a sin to go on websites of anti-Catholic organizations?

Would it be considered a sin to look at the websites of Planned Parenthood, The Human Rights Campaign, etc.? Not because I agree with them obviously since I’m Catholic, but just to see what kind of lies they tell people to deceive them into falling for their agenda. Would it be sinful for me to look at them even though I’m not agreeing with what they stand for? I would only be looking at them so that I understand what all they’re saying so that I would know how to refute them more effectively. Or should I just not look at them at all?

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I don’t think so, if that is your reason for visiting their websites. It will help you come up with counter-arguments to theirs when debating or discussing pro-life issues.


It is only a sin if it somehow threatens your faith, you are aware that it threatens your faith and you go there anyway. Like a near occasion of sin. Same principle.

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