Is it a sin to go to a nightclub


I went to my first nightclub the other night Despite going against my will I had a really good time and everyone was really nice to me they were buying me drinks all night it was my first time drinking too I feel like a wanna go again but is it a sin I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place because I wanna follow god but I also wanna have fun you know I don’t dont smoke or take drugs (because it’s a sin) why is everything that’s fun a sin


How old are you? There are some very troubling statements here. Going against your will? People buying you drinks all night long?"


It’s not necessarily a sin if you don’t do anything. The heavy drinking culture could be an occasion of sin, however. If it won’t help you grow in faith, I’d say don’t do it. It sounds dangerous and unhelpful. God Bless!

Oh, and please ignore the deleted post. I confused you with a poster with a similar username.


I’m of age to legally drink alcohol and I went against my will because my friend begged me to go and told me she’d never speak to me again if I didn’t so I went


You mean she manipulated you? She sounds like a bit of a…

Well, I won’t say what. I’d never speak to her again.


That is not “going against your will” You made a decision to go, own up to it. You are of legal drinking age, that also means you are responsible for your decisions and actions. You do not get to let people manipulate you and then say “She/he made me do it!!!” like a little kid.

And no, going to a nightclub is not a sin in and of itself. Drinking is not a sin as long as you do not get drunk. Dancing is not a sin unless you are “dirty dancing”


If you’re legally old enough to drink, then there isn’t anything sinful about going out and having some alcohol as long as you’re responsible. Just don’t drink too much and make sure you are with people you can trust. If you’re going to have several drinks throughout the night, know your limits and keep to that. Space any alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic ones. Your body will thank you the next morning. Personally I’d be a little careful about people that want to buy you drinks if you’re a woman. They’re “free” but really, nothing is free. Some people aren’t buying them just to be nice and may try to take advantage of you. Don’t ever leave a drink unattended and don’t let someone “buying” you drinks bring any to you, as they may try to slip drugs into your drink. Get the drink from the bartender yourself.

Obviously just avoid any lewd behavior, getting wasted drunk and putting yourself in situations that are dangerous.

Also, if you have a friend that threatens not to speak to you anymore just because you don’t want to go clubbing, maybe consider finding better friends. That’s a crappy excuse for anyone to threaten to cut you off.


That’s all I needed to know


so who was going to look after you both, two drunk young women.


you girls want to be very careful no one spikes your drinks.


I don’t think it is a sin to go but I would think twice about heavy drinking. maybe if instead of alchohol you develop a taste for soda.


Recreation is different. In my opinion , in disco clubs relaxation often has no measure, and the eyes, lust, the triumph of voluptuousness largely takes place there.


Rosie. Go to nightclubs, have fun, dance, have a drink or two, and enjoy yourself. As one poster said, if you don’t do anything. If you tried to avoid anyplace where something sinful might happen, you’d never leave your home. (And even there, don’t turn on the computer and start wandering in places you shouldn’t be.)

Having tended bar for many years in my youth, I offer you this. If you like beer, order it in a bottle and drink it in a glass you pour it into. If the cap is one the bottle when it arrives, all the better. Or, drink “virgin” bloody Mary’s or screwdrivers, or any other mixed drink. And if that isn’t to your liking, tip the bartender five or ten and tell him what you are drinking and not to put any alcohol in it. Mixed drinks like a Mai Tai, pina colada, strawberry daiquiri etc are often served that way. In fact, many bartenders, when they encounter ladies drinking such things, short shot the second, and probably don’t put much alcohol, if any in the subsequent ones. Just a few ideas to stay safe. And as I think someone says, never drink something that someone you don’t really trust gives to you.


Maybe she was bluffing.


this may sound heavy, but following Jesus is in contradiction to the way of the world and I can’t see something more worldy than going to a club at night with questionable music and the venues purpose is to sell as much alcohol as possible regardless of the health of it’s customers. Can we deny that a large number of people who go to night clubs are going for the wrong reasons?


There are a lot of fun things to do that don’t involve nightclubs.


Drugs, yep done some… Drinking, yep been drunk… Houses of sin, been there, done that. These kind of situations may seem fun at the time but they are empty and just used by the devil to pull you further from God. Just my 2 cents w/ experience, God bless.


I don’t want to take drugs or smoke but the thing is I’m only 18 I feel like my life is boring because i have to be a good person and follow god I never felt this way until I experienced how fun a nightclub was now I feel like I’m missing out on a lot


I didn’t want to take drugs or drink or do many of the things I did… However once I started, it lead to more and more sin. That’s exactly what the devil wants. All I can say is to be very careful and choose what brings you closer to God not pushes you away.


Nightclubs are fun. Too many squares here

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