Is it a sin to go to school while possibly contagious?


I stayed home sick today with the flu. I was reading up on it a bit, and apparently you can remain contagious for up to seven days after firsttt symptoms. The rule of thumb for these situations, as far as i know, is that as soon as the symptoms are gone, you go back to school. Is this a sin against charity? I hope not, because i frankly cannot miss that much school, i would need a doctors note and all sorts of ****. When is it morally responsible to go back to school?


I would imagine that you may have a heavy cold/chest infection rather than flu? Flu absolutely knocks you out, and you certainly wouldn’t be able to go anywhere if you had it! If you aren’t coughing and/or sneezing anymore and you don’t have a sore throat, I’d say you are safe to return to school. It’s almost impossible to avoid coughs and colds at this time of year, and it’s not practical to stay away from school or work for days on end.


With colds and stuff like that it’s good to be careful about hygiene though, that is, don’t blow your nose and then give somebody your hand or blow your nose and then touch a door knob etc :thumbsup:


I spoke to my doctor and he said it would be safe to go back to school as soon as I’m feeling better. This is only the third day since i came down sick but my symptoms are pretty much gone; if you guys think it is morally advisable, i will go back to school tomorrow.


I’m not sure why you are so concerned about morals. If, when you wake up tomorrow, you feel better, go to school. If you do not feel better, don’t go to school. :shrug:



I don’t know. I was sick on Sunday too, and I had a bunch of people telling me not to go to mass in case I infect somebody. So now I’m worrying about going back to school in case I infect somebody. I guess, though, the best thing I can do is follow my doctor’s advice and go back as soon as my symptoms are gone. I’m just being scrupulous, I guess. Everyone gets sick in public school; most people don’t even wait until their symptoms are gone to come back. And it’s not like mass, there will be no elderly folks or infants there, right? I don’t know.


I bolded part of your post because I agree with you - you are worrying too much! :slight_smile: The thing is, illness is a common part of school; people will catch it whether it’s from you or from someone else. If you aren’t sure, you can always go back to your doctor to reassure yourself :).



I can relate to your dilemma; I am known to get very concerned about infecting others when I am sick, even if it is just a slight cold.

Wouldn’t your doctor know whether or not it is safe to go back to school? What is the reason why you don’t trust him, as he is the expert in this field… If you are feeling better after three days, probably it is not the flu, I would say. More like some othe rkind of viral infection, a cold or a stomach bug or whatever, depending on your symptoms.

I had a stomach virus this summer and had to work anyway because I could not afford to just not work a few days. i live from street music and I can stay away from getting too close to other people somewhat. I was really careful though then, for example, i did not go change the change I made at the bakery where there is food handled and the virus could get on the food somehow… I went to another store and also I think i disinfected my hands before touching the money or something like that.
I would not ave gone to school a couple days then I think.
Then I read somewhere that the virus could stay in ones system for over a week, and it was not safe to go swimming even in the sea for about a week… but then somebody I trust told me I shouldn’t exaggerate so the next Sunday (when I don’t work :wink: ) I went swimming anyway, my symptoms long being gone as far as I remember.

Lately I had a slight cold, just sniffles… I felt that was not enough to miss mass. I made sure to stand by the side though, not shake hands, and take communion on my hands (which I usually don’t like).
Also again I was careful about touching money; I also don’t like to use public phones when i have a cold. And I try not to touch door knobs if I haven’t washed my hands. I really am not sure if I am exaggerating; well compared to other people probably I am, because I see people with colds a lot and they seem to behave normally, pay in stores normally and touch money etc.

So, I am probably not the best person to reply to your question as I have the same dilemma when i am sick (I hope next time I’ll know better what is exaggerated and what not…)… just wanted to say i can relate. :=)


So, plot twist. I’m actually not totally better at all. I’m much less symptomatic than I was, but still clearly sick. Anyways, I’m well enough to get up and walk around, and my mom is saying that I need to go back to school tomorrow. And she’s right, I do. I’ve been out for four days straight and what’s more, my doctor only cleared me to be out of school for exactly four days. I need to get back tomorrow so that I can catch up on missed work over the weekend and not have an unexcused absence on my record.

Me, I feel sick, but certainly well enough to make it through a school day. However, I’m probably still contagious. My mother says that I was pulling out of the flu when I caught an entirely unrelated head cold, and a head cold is not a big deal to pass around, right? I really need to get back to school but I’m quite scared of committing a mortal sin against charity, you know? I need advice really badly.


Guys I’m really, really sorry about keeping this thread up but I’m feeling really anxious about this. I need to know whether or not I am obligated to stay home. I don’t want to spread this illness but I need to get back to school, you know? Please help me, I really don’t know what to do and this question is going to eat me alive if I end up going to school tomorrow without any outside input.


You are not obligated to stay at home, but if you are still ill, it’s not a good idea to go to school.



It is certainly not healthy to be stressing about this so much.:hug1:
I think I know VERY WELL how you feel, because I have been through it.

Here are some things you can do. The first one you should do no matter what.
The others are ideas/suggestions.

  1. Calm down. Relax. PRAY. Tell God your worries. Let His peace come over you. Realize that you are tryint to do the right thing, and no matter what you end up doing, it will be with God’s help and in your own best intentions.

  2. If you can talk to your Mom well about such things, talk to her about your anxieties. I have talked to my Mom about such things often.

  3. You could call your doctor and describe your symptoms and tell him how worried you are about the issue of contagion, that you do not want to spread an illness.

  4. You could call a priest at the church you go to. Ask to speak to him because you are having a moral issue/question/dilemma.

  5. You could call your teacher and explain the situation to him.

  6. You could, especially if your doctor tells you it is ok, go back to school and just be a little careful. Not to get too close to people. As I mentioned before, not touch things after blowing your nose /touching your face. Sometimes when I was ill and among people I have told them,t hat is, explained why I keep a bit of a distance when talking to them. Probably they will appreciate it.

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