Is it a sin to have children


Is it a sin to have children…

If the married couple are living in poverty and barely have enough money to support each other for the bare necessities in life? If having a child will put all three of the family members at risk of not being supported/sustained and the couple decides to do so to fulfill being fruitful and multiplying or being open to life, would this show irresponsibility, lack of common sense thinking, and possibly sinfulness for bringing a child into the world to live under such conditions? It is my understanding that one of the main characteristics in being a good parent is to always place the needs and best interest of the child first and foremost.


No. It is not a sin to have children under these circumstances.


Correct. That’s what Family is for. Something we seem to have lost sight of these days.

It takes a village.



i don’t think it’s necessarily a sin. but perhaps not the most advisable thing to do. depending on how bad the conditions are exactly

on the other hand, if the couples abstained in these circumstances, or practices nfp, it wouldn’t be a sin either


Not a sin.

While this is true: It is my understanding that one of the main characteristics in being a good parent is to always place the needs and best interest of the child first and foremost.

You are not putting the child’s best interests first and foremost by choosing not to have the child in the first place.

For thousands of years, most people were poor and lived in terrible conditions. But they made it. Today, the poor are being left behind due to one of two major reasons: their own decisions or the greed of their society/govenment.

The MOST important things for Children are the following:

  • Faith in God
  • Unconditional Love from their Parents
  • a roof over their head
  • water to drink
  • and food to eat

That roof may have 1 room or 20 rooms. It doesn’t matter. There are plenty of rich children who are worse off than the poor child who has the 5 things I listed above. I knew plenty of spoiled rich kids who lacked Faith in God and/or Unconditional Love from their Parents.

Many people, even those under the poverty line, can provide all 5 of those on my list.

God Bless.


We live by faith and not by sight. 100 years ago parents were having yungins by the dozen on half the equivalent income and they made it.

Given that financial security is a false god that has precipitated the deaths of 10’s if not 100’s of millions of children and left many million more hundreds of millions to raise themselves I would walk, no run in the opposite direction from this false ideology.


It is never a sin to give life to children. It may be a sin to be melodramatic and self-pitying, however.


Ouch! :getholy:


No, it is not a sin. When my grandparents got married they had absolutely nothing. And when my grandmother got pregnant with her first child, my father, grandpa was without a job, had no money, no gas and the depression started.

One day she was walking to the corner store to see if they would give her some bread and she found a single dollar bill. She felt it was a miracle. When my grandfather got home that day he had found a job. Her second miracle.

My grandparents traveled to many different States when my dad was a child, just so my grandfather could work and put a roof over his family’s head. I am not suggesting it is easy. I only share this because sometimes I think people do forget that God will provide. Being wealthy is not a precondition of having a child. Love is.




Super awesome! Thanks for sharing!

I’m not sure just how poor St. Joseph and The Blessed Virgin Mary were, But God sent His only Son to them as His parents!


In the marriage vows we proclaim to give ourselves totally, faithfully, fidelity, and joyfully open to life. In marriage preparation class the instructor emphasized, “JOYFULLY” accepting children was critical in the marriage vows. This is because children are a gift from God; Holy Spirit, theLord the giver of life … How awkward would it be if a groom gives his sweetheart a proposal and an elegent ring and the sweetheart accepted these gifts but did not joyfully accept these gifts. It is the same insult to God when we do not joyfully recieve His gifts (life is a gift)

I also learned when we take these vows we are including the Trinity into these vows; as it is a sacrament of Holy Orders. So, as with all things, we must totally give the marriage, faithfully give the marriage, in fidelity keep the marriage, and joyfully be open to life to God first, spouces second, and self last.


St. Catherine of Sienna was the 24th child of 24 children. Including St. Catherine, only 13 were alive. The plague took the rest. Those women kept having children without even knowing whether or not the child would reach adulthood. Couples in developing countries continue to have children out of love even though they may not have a house or the certainty of food or water. Life is reason enough for life.


Then you end up with countries like Africa and India with thousands of people living in extreme poverty, including fragile and innocent children, who suffer and starve and lack all the basic necessities: food, clean water, medicine, a bed, clothes, etc…

It sounds terrible to put a child through something like that.


I wonder if you’d consider the malnourished children of Africa and India melodramatic and self pitying :shrug:


The difference, of course, being that they were with the Son of God. Of course nothing would happen. Unfortunately, regular folks dont have that assurance living in an imperfect world.


Do you think they weren’t regular folks, living with the same fears and worries that all of us other regular folks live with, while they walked with Christ? What makes a Saint? Perfect Trust does not mean Free of Fear. You can’t be Brave, unless you’re Afraid. They lived moment to moment, just like the rest of us, and it’s only looking back that we can see that mountain, was just a molehill.

Of course you feel safe when you’re curled up in a nice warm blanket reading a book, but you can still ~feel~ the intensity of the experience, when you’re personally involved in the story, even when you know it’s just a work of fiction. Why would anyone buy a novel, otherwise?

You know what I did today? I danced in a parking lot and on the street, wearing my earphones, and listening to music, and doing my best to blind myself to any eyes that might be watching me… because it still hurts and scares me inside, at all the nasty things people have said to me in the past for “acting weird”.

We may have gotten a little off the topic of “is it a sin to have children if…”, but how else can you set the best examples for your own kids, if you don’t know how to do it yourself? It’s easy to tell someone that sticks and stones are the only things that can hurt you, much harder to live it.

Not to mention… No, it’s important to mention. what were Jesus’ last words on the Cross? All of them, not just one or two verses people can pick out of a line up.


I grew up in a big family, my mother prayed and asked us all to pray for things we needed,there was always room for one more at our table. That hunger for things made all of us very industrious: babysitting, gardening, newspaper routes… We all are very grown up and none of us are afraid to work, to share, to help.

I think the sin is that we live in a country (and world) that is not welcoming to children, not helpful to families, and seems to value things over humans.


If you do it with full knowledge knowing that those children will starve, have the metal capacity to practise, NFP, then in my opinion, it is irresponsible, and perhaps even sinful not to avoid until circumstances change. I have assumed you are referring particularly to Catholics.


It would certainly not be sinful for parents living in extreme poverty to wait to have children in better circumstances. That’s part of what NFP is for. But if the couple is married, and even living in poverty will provide for their children to the extent that they can, it would not be sinful at all for them to embrace that aspect of their marital life. The fact that a couple is poor, does not, by itself, mean that they are not allowed to enjoy the blessing of children.

I find statements like the above strange. It reads like the mentality of contraception and abortion pushers in developing countries - “It would be better for you to never have been conceived or born, because look, your life is terrible.” I would guess that many of these people, despite the trials they face, would rather be here than not.

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