Is it a sin to hear about sin? (please help/answer)


I was reading some writings from the early church, and I found one that reads “But far be it from Christians to conceive of any such actions. For we find it immoral to even see or hear of murder.” (general wording, not specific)

There are similar statements in the writings of Irenaeus.

What does this mean?


Where, specifically, did you read this?


It was a while ago, so I don’t remember the specific document and author, but it was in a passage against abortion.


Sin is an action. Sin requires your choice. Hearing something couldn’t possibly be a sin. It’s not something you choose to do, it’s something that happens to you.

Please take these questions to your priest and stop asking them here. It will not help you.



Well, hard to answer without knowing the actual source, but my best guess would be that seeing/hearing passively (ie: doing nothing) was implied. Complicity in another’s sin is a sin. Witnessing a sin in itself is not a sin.


I actually don’t think that it was implied. The author talked about abortion, and then said something such as “but far be it from a Christian to conceive of any such actions. For we consider it immoral to see and even hear of murder.”


Hmmm, not sure. If you remember the source, let me know.


As you know, with your OCD you should be asking these questions of your priest or therapist. Not here.


I’m unable to contact them at the moment, so I posted my question here.


Then wait until you can.


Typing this so that more people will see the question, I’m really freaking out about this


You’ve already had an answer here from a priest.


So the person who wrote the quote was wrong?

I’ve also read many early church quotes that say it’s sinful to depict sin in a fictional story. Do you think this is correct?


You’re scrupulous. You shouldn’t ask questions here - don’t let CAF become your crutch. Wait for your Priest/therapist to become available. I’m assuming if you have a therapist, they are teaching you techniques to deal with your scruples? Use them.


It sounds like a bit of hyperbole was used.


How can you be sure? I think it’s best to take writings from the early church seriously.


Talk to Your therapist or priest.


Someone on Quora answered yes, it is a sin to hear about sin. Here is his answer:
This is actually a superb question. I think yes.


Because Genesis has two human creation stories and the second one has god turning away from Adam and Eve to let someone else (evil) tempt them to learn the secret “ability to tell good from evil”.

That implies god could not just “tell them” because god cannot become at all associated with evil (sin). So like Jesus selected Judas to go to Caiaphas the Chief Priest and “sell out Jesus” which was needed,.

But Jesus could not go and turn himself in or even spend time with Caiaphas (evil). The snake was needed in the garden and Judas was needed as a disciple to buffer god and Jesus from an act of evil/sin.

So, I think YES, in a very detail sense, even talking about sin (even being aware of it) is a sin. That’s why Jesus coming as a sacrifice (for our sin) was/is so important.

Is he right?


Seriously, wait until you can talk to a Priest. You won’t find a conclusive answer if you ask strangers on the internet for their opinions.


Get out of this spiral. Go do something.

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