Is it a sin to kiss your dog?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I kiss my dog often! My dog is my best friend and I get very emotional with it!

No, it’s not a sin. Why do you feel it’s a sin?

Well, you could be running a risk for disease. Not that animals are generally germier than humans, they just have bugs and parasites that humans aren’t used to and don’t cope with too well. So it’s not a good idea.

But no, it’s not a sin at all.

I don’t think it would be a sin. I think that belief comes from Islam, but don’t count me on it.

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Did you know there is more bacteria on human tongue than a dog’s tongue? Not that I’m encouraging kissing dogs, or that I myself would kiss a dog, but I just thought it would be an interesting fact to share :slight_smile:

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Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

It has nothing to do with the NUMBER of germs, everything to do with the TYPE. When Europeans first came to the Americas, they weren’t in any way more or less disease-prone than the Native Americans.

However the Europeans had diseases such as smallpox that Native Americans hadn’t been exposed to before, and Native Americans possibly had diseases such as syphilis that Europeans hadn’t been exposed to either. Result was disaster for both Native Americans and Europeans - much more so for the Native Americans, of course.

True that, I’ve seen nasty infections from human bites.

OTOH, humans don’t tend to routinely lick themselves like dogs do, or consume the things that dogs do. I’m sure that a swab of a dog’s tongue would result in a large growth of fecal bacteria and probably some parasite eggs. I know I’ve kissed my dogs before and have never had a problem with being licked by one but that’s because I’ve never stopped to think before I’ve acted. I’m feeling slightly queasy at the thought at the moment.:smiley:

Does your dog lick his genitals?

is there some reason you might think so? Imprudent maybe, but unless there is more to the story, no not a sin. If in general your emotional life is dependent on non-humans it is a sign you need to nurture your family and friend relationships.

No, don’t worry, I’m not having emotional problems or anything. I just love my dog as every other member of my family. (No, it doesn’t lick it’s genitals)

I just worry alot these days whether things are a sin or not. I always wonder how I’m supposed to confess it.

Thanks for your posts, Tom

we don’t need to worry about this, we have the commandments, beatitudes and precepts of the church to guide us. there are enough real sins there without going out of our way to make up new ones.

What kind of dog DOESN’T lick their genitals/that area ever? All dogs do to keep themselves clean.

Kissing your dog is just a little bit gross. I used to see my Aunt do it all the time, and her dog would lick itself. Ew.

I wouldn’t worry to much about catching anything from your dog. Humans and dogs have lived together for so long, What ever we can catch from each other is fairly harmless.
I pat my dogs, wrestle with them, even argue with them. But t i can never bring myself to kiss them. even on the forehead. Not after some of the things I’ve seen my dog rub its head in. Forget it.

You never heard of rabies?

I mean, it would be pretty obvious if your dog had rabies, but its still something which you can catch from each other which is pretty damaging. Oh, and tetanus too.

One of a dog’s main goals is to have both of his ends smelling roughly the same.

That said, I kiss my dog on the top of his head.

“One of a dog’s main goals is to have both of his ends smelling roughly the same.”

That is really very witty and gave me a good chuckle.

I kiss dogs, cats, horses ect—I’m still alive. Haven’t gotten rabies, lockjaw or anything from am animal—now humans, that’s another story. :slight_smile:

No, butt :smiley: you might want to have yourself dewormed.

God gave us dogs to be our friends and companions. They love us unconditionally. I love my dogs too and while I don’t kiss them, I give them hugs all the time. How can you not love the big brown eyes and wagging tail whenever you walk in the door? It calls for some kind of response! And if giving a kiss is your way of showing affection there’s nothing wrong with that.

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I don’t want to derail the thread, but is there scriptural evidence for this, or a notable Catholic person that has said this? I thought Man’s relationship with dogs stemmed from a purely evolutionary standpoint.

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Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

Not just evolutionary, but selective breeding initiated by man. Namely to produce good breeds of lap dogs for the ladies, and hunting dogs for the men (although that is more recent, as in the last 500 years or so).

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