Is it a sin to let others photocopy your book?


I have a this reviewer for the board exam which I obtained from paying the review fee and enrolling at a certain review center.
There are former classmates of mine who seem to have no enough money to pay the review fee. They asked me to photocopy my reviewer.
I have concerns with the copyrights of the book but I also want to help my them.
Is it a sin to let them photocopy my book?
Thank you in advance.


Sharing is caring :thumbsup::)… as long as you do not sell it I think it should be ok… it’s not a sin i think?

Legally you may be an outlaw. But then again - not all laws are just!

Hence it would not be a sin to disobey an unjust law.

Is this for CPA or Nursing board examinations? Go to Recto.

Good luck and God Bless


Copywriter laws allow for limited photocopying for educational purposes. Generally less than 10% of a book can be shared this way.

If you are doing it just to skirt buying the book it is illegal and stealing money that the author rightly earned.

Whether you are selling it or doing it for free does not matter.

Just think. If the first person in your class just copied the book and made copies for everyone from then on, wouldn’t that disenfranchise the author?

Yes, and so does an individual doing so.


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