Is it a sin to lie as part of a game that involves intrigue?


I play various political simulations online (basically, you choose a country and you interact with other countries). Is it a sin if, as part of the intrigue of the game, one lies? For example, playing as Germany in one of these games (called Nations), I launched a secret attack on Iran. Later, I played it up as though the craft that launched the attack were stolen, thus lying in the game, but it is a part of the intrigue of the game (just like IRL leaders cover things up and try to deny things in order to cover themselves).

Is that a sin? No money is involved in these games.


No sin. It’s a game of strategy, and part of the strategy in this non-existent world is the intrigue!
Have fun!


Lying is always wrong. I’d personally stay away from these games if they encourage one to lie.


I enjoy Clue, and I guess the purpose is to throw the other person off so they can’t guess the murderer in the game. I personally don’t see a problem in this as it’s just for fun and kind of fantasy. But that’s just my take…


I have a few ice breaker type of games I play with my students on the first day of school. One of them involves them telling us 3 things about themselves that are true and one that is not. The rest of us try to guess which thing is not true. It helps to remember names and faces. I hope it is not bad that I am encouraging them to say something about themselves which is not true. I don’t use the word lie, I call it Fact or Fiction. Is this fiction? Is it a lie? Is it both? Am I endangering young people by having them play this game?

I don’t know what to say about your online game. I guess you are role playing as a country. Does an actor sin if his character is acting a sin? But there are actual people you are misleading on the other end of this game somewhere right? So it could be dangerous.


Haha, chill bro…it’s just a game. :smiley:


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