Is it a sin to listen/make secular music?

I was wondering if it is a sin to listen to secular music or make it. I'm not really sure what the church's stand is on the matter and I can't really find any mention of a saint or a church document condoning it. The closest thing I could find (other than the opinion of clergy members, including JPII) that it is lawful as long as the lyrical content is sinless. I also read that St. John of the Cross got pleasure from popular secular songs of his day, but he made them into religous, so I'm not sure if that means he thought they were lawful or not. Also St. Francis De Sales said to play an instrument or sing along to music was lawful as long as it was prudent, but I'm not sure if he was talking about secular music.

Music does not have to praise God directly to be good music. The one thing that should be looked for in music, is truth. Does the song talk about humanity, suffering, joy? Or does it condone a culture of death, lust, or greed?

The music of Mozart, Beethoven and others was not all of a religious theme. No one could ever convince me that it would be a sin to enjoy to a "secular" Mozart symphony or concerto.

My Father loves to listen to music. He is a little deaf as he is now in his 90s, and has finally found his niche at RFDTV. But before he would say that he doesn’t listen to the words. So, I suggest here that music per se is not the problem but the bad poetry or prose that is sung with. Discordant music that is obviously hard on the ears, or music that is overly repetitive … Music is from God. Writers of lyrics should not abuse the Word.

Not even almost. Its not even a sin to listen to anti-Christian music.

Nowhere does the Church require that we live in a Catholic bubble when it comes to enjoying the arts.

As long as listening to such music does not cause you to sin, then it is probably just fine.

I recommend reading Jimmy Akin's article Bad Music for a good explanation of the Catholic moral law as it pertains to the music we listen to.

It would be a sin if it becomes an idol, more important than God. So, everything in moderation, I guess. YMMV.

secular music per se is not sinful or immoral. If you have some source that claims otherwise I would like to see it. If you have no source, have you a particular reason for asking? Has someone suggested it to you or criticized your listening habits? challenge them to supply a documented church authority for their remarks.

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I was wondering if it is a sin to listen to secular music or make it.


Only if it's disco ;)

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