Is it a sin to listen to and like a song that glorifies sin?

Hi everyone. I recently came across a song that glorifies sin. It’s called “Bad Girl” by The Cab. Well, I don’t like the message at all because it glorifies sin but I love the tune and the singers’ voice. Is that a sin?

You might be being overly scrupulous here. But sin initially comes from one’s own heart so you know in your heart if what you are listening to goes against the grain of your faith or if what you’re doing is sinful. I like some tunes in which the songs contain phrases that I think: that isn’t true, not good, or whatever, but then I love the tune. And there must be room for acknowledging that artists are people, and people are people who come with all different viewpoints etc…I guess, if one doesn’t overdo listening to it then it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. If the words are very anti-Catholic, and blasphemous, with an obviously intended degree of nastiness, then I’d probably listen to something else instead and consider it an act of faith in turning it off. IMHO. :slight_smile:

Hey, the song may be dark, but at least you’re not attracted to the lyrics of ‘Anaconda’ by Nicki Minaj and and ‘the pope song’ by Tim Minchim!!! :wink:

The singer sings the song, not in a “bad” way, but in a somewhat depressed way. It seems like he wasn’t thinking rationally to the point where he doesn’t care what kind of girl he gets.

If my interpretation of the song is correct, than listening to it might not be sinful.

If it becomes a guilty pleasure, or if your gut feeling encourages you to not listen to it, then by all means, don’t listen to it.

I like Jimmy Akin’s take on “bad music”:

Simply liking a song doesn’t strike me as something that would be sinful because it’s not really a deliberate choice. If you like the singer’s voice and the music, you like it.

Listening to it deliberately might be a different story. But then you need to ask yourself a few questions. Is it glorifying sin or simply representing sin in the lyrics of the song? Is there another possible interpretation of the lyrics? Does listening to that song incline you to want to commit sin?

I don’t know the song you mentioned, so I cannot really tell you where that one falls.

These seem like wise questions to ask yourself about what you might be listening to.

Hmm…it COULD be, but I listen to songs like that. I dont even listen to the lyrics, just let them flow as part of a cool tune…so I try not to listen to them much, but when I do I dont think it is sinful…

On the other hand, if you start being a fan of the artist…you might have an issue…but it doesnt seem like that was the case. You should be fine, just always beware!

I dont think it’s an issue. I listen to Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder (the singer and main lyricist) often gets into religious stuff, mostly his disdain for God and religion. Some of the songs are great musically, despite the lyrics. Some that he’s intended to be anti-organized religion in his mind are actually (what I like to call) accidently christian. I see hope under the surface and am reminded of this when I hear some of those songs.

I am no fan of moral relativism. Music, though, and poetry/lyrics, can be very relative.

Is it good for your soul? Something may not be a sin, per se, but does that mean it’s good for us to listen to? Just avoiding sin is not enough as Catholics, we want to live to glorify God, right? Would you sing those lyrics out loud if your priest was next to you, the representative of Christ?

I use to listen to a lot of music that glorified sin, or made it sound fun. Now when I hear it I think, how is this making me a better Catholic? We must always be striving to be saints, so try to slowly weed out that which slows this process down.

God bless :slight_smile:

Yes, there is this side of things, too. Not everything allowable is expedient to growth in holiness.

Exactly. So should we just allow ourselves to anything not inherently sinful?

Hi everyone! Thank you very much for your answers. :thumbsup:

The idea is to try and have the Catholic life in all that we do…if I understand your question. If it furthers our spiritual life, then it’s a good and wholesome thing. If not, then we just need to make sure it’s not pushing the spiritual life out of the way (watching too much sports for instance, something I struggle with). Does that make sense?

Yes, makes sense. :slight_smile:

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