Is it a sin to listen to bad music?

My question is it a sin to listen to music with curse words or bad things in the lyrics. I really enjoy some songs like this because they are catchy and/or entertaining. I don’t want to do the things in these songs for example one song I really enjoy says something about killing a person (that is out of context though) but I don’t enjoy it because of that I enjoy it because the person who sings it has a great voice, it is catchy, and it talks about rising up and defeating a bully type person kinda (it is hard to describe) but again I would never kill or hurt anyone on purpose and the song doesn’t make me want to. I don’t consider it ungodly because I like hip hop and half the time they just put the lyrics in to so it can ryme and again I don’t support what they say I just enjoy the music. Also please don’t say does it bring you closer to God because that term is very open I could walk through a park but that doesn’t bring me closer to God. Thnx

The following links should answer your question about listening to secular music. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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