Is it a sin to look at immoral image out of curiousity?

There is an English word I don’t know the meaning. So I searched for its definition and google led me to wikipedia. I had some clues that the word relates to sexuality, but I went for it anyway. Then I saw a painting which illustrated the meaning of the word. I knew it was immoral but I still looked further to see the details of the picture. Then I quitted. Have I commited a mortal sin?

It depends. Were you genuinely curious about what the word meant, or were you secretly just looking to get aroused?

There’s nothing inherently sinful about looking at an image of the nude body, for example, for the right reasons. A medical student might look at images of genitals in order to learn how to recognize the symptoms of illness. Nothing wrong with that. But if someone looked at the same image with the goal of sexual arousal, that would be wrong. It’s not about the image itself: it’s about why you were looking at it.

Just food for thought.


Yep, the key is the motive behind the action.

Take jealousy for instance, can it ever be righteous? I say yes, if a wife is jealous over a cheating husband she is jealous over what is rightfully and lawfully hers. As God is a jealous God, meaning He demands our unconditional and absolute love which is rightfully His.

Then there is unrighteous jealousy, the kind you find when your neighbor has a new toy that you wanted but cannot have…

What’s the motive behind the jealousy, the anger, the image, etc…

It is not just the nude body. The picture is sexually immoral. It is a terrible picture about Greek/Roman myth. I might not want to be aroused but I still looked for details (like what they were actually doing).

At worst, venial sin, you didn’t look to deliberately reject God. In the future you won’t need to look up/see those images again to know it’s immoral, so you will avoid future sin! May you find your path leads only to the Lord!

It may not be sin but it could imprudent.

Imprudent, in that it could lead to an occasion of sin.

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