Is it a sin to look at my girlfriend lustfully?

Hello. My name is david.

I’ve been with this girl I love and appreciate so very much for 6 months. And, I’ve avoided looking at others in a lustful way. But, my girlfriend is very pretty, and my question is, is it sinful to look at her other than a loving way until marriage?

Thanks in advance.

Yes. Lust is a sin so looking at anyone lustfully is wrong. You can and should be attracted to her but don’t dwell on the thoughts.

Edit: married couples would not be looking at each other lustfully, but with desire. That is different.


I 100% agree with @Lea101 . Something a former teacher taught me to do when I see a very physically attractive woman is, rather than having sexual fantasies about her, praying to God thanking Him for the gift of this woman and her beauty. Taking your sexual desires and offering them up to God in this way is a healthy way of expressing your sexuality.

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Thank you all for the replies. I did not know the difference between list and desire.

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