Is it a sin to not attend mass?

Am I required to attend mass no matter what?

No, you are not. Especially right now you are not, if that is what you are asking.

If you are sick, you are excused. If you have to work, or care for a sick child, or have no way to get there despite your best efforts, you are excused.


It is a sin to be negligent about attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. Obviously, during the current state of affairs our obligation to attend Mass has been dispensed.


The Church affords the faithful every consideration on the “Sunday obligation”.
It is necessary for us to render due worship to GOD by participating every Sunday of the Sacrifice to GOD that is the mass. If we cannot participate because we are at work the Church has provided the “Vespers mass” which is offered on Saturday typically in the afternoon or early evening depending on the diocese. And we are relieved of the duty to participate is we are sick or caring for someone who’s sick. Also in extreme circumstances the Bishop can suspend the requirement temporarily within his diocese.
Of course the Catechism of the Catholic Church explains all about proper worship and why we must participate in the mass. It is after all good for us.
Hope this helps.

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No, not “no matter what.” You are required to attend unless there is a good reason you can’t.

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As long as you are dispensed from attending by your Bishop, are too ill, are caring for a sick family member, have a job where you are scheduled to work All weekend and can’t make it to Mass or due to circumstances beyond your control no it is not a sin. Otherwise if you just don’t want to go, you put other events or things as more important than Mass, you choose to sleep late or miss it on purpose then yes it is a sin. Also unless you absolutely cannot help it other wise you should not get there late or leave early. If unavoidable beyond your control to do so it is ok but making those a habit of not even trying to be there on time or staying the whole time, is not the right thing to do.
It is a Commandment by God not a suggestion.

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Wondering where you got this idea?

Me or the OP?

My bad for not replying to the OP. You know all this stuff!

I think that I watched a YouTube video about going to mass or something like that

If you’re ill, you may stay home. We’re all staying home now w the COVID 19. There is mass on TV. EWTN.COM is a good sight for Catholic teachings, prayers, etc.
We can’t chose a Spirts game or TV to keep us away. Mass is our joy. WE WANT TO BE THERE. May our Father help you to have a love for Him & the Mass. in Jesus name. Amen

It should also be noted that everything in this thread is only referring to the Masses for Sundays or holy days of obligation.

There are Masses every day of the week in many areas, when we’re not having a COVID shutdown. But outside of Sunday and holy days of obligation, we are not required to attend them, and it is not a sin to miss them, or come to them late, or whatever. Many people choose to attend a daily Mass as a way of being close to Jesus; it’s their personal choice, not something they’re required to do.

Your profile says you are “Christian and maybe Catholic.” First, I’d note that if you’re not actually catholic yet, you aren’t obligated to attend mass at all, although you’re of course welcome to.

It seems like you’re just learning about the church…if I were you, I wouldn’t get your information from YouTube videos. You have no way of knowing if the person posting it is legitimate or knows what they’re talking about. If you’re interested in becoming catholic, I’d suggest you approach a priest and discuss the possibility of enrolling in RCIA. You need to make sure you’re learning about the faith from people who are qualified to teach it, not random people on YouTube.


Currently the obligation to attend mass is suspended due to COVID-19. Under ordinary circumstances, you do not need to attend if you are ill or unable to attend for a valid reason.

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I am pretty sure that the obligation is suspended everywhere right now.

In regular times, one is not obligated if they are sick, caring for the sick, if they have to work, if it is impossible to get to Mass. We are not bound to do the impossible.


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