Is it a sin to not stop an arousal from coming?


Sometimes I get aroused (maybe) by the way I’m moving or touching myself. Not that I’m masturbating or doing it on purpose, but when I don’t immediately stop the feeling or the way I’m moving or touching, I feel like I’ve committed a mortal sin. And sometimes I’m just doing normal everyday things when they happen. Like eating. I can’t just stop eating. And the more I worry the more they come. What do I do?


You get aroused by eating? :confused:


I don’t even know if it’s arousal but I get a weird feeling and as I said, the more I fear it the more it comes


I think I know what you’re referring to. It is not a sin if you are aroused unintentionally as you go about your day.

Continuing briefly would not necessarily make it a sin. Even our movements are largely unconscious, and what you do unconsciously before you can stop yourself is not a sin. You should try to stop, and once you do, don’t stress too much about it. If you continue for an extended period, it depends. You should still try to stop, but it is probably not a mortal sin since the initiation was involuntary.


Don’t be scrupulous over this. If you are a guy, you can become physically aroused by any number of involuntary things, like if you wait too long to pee. If you weren’t masturbating or thinking lustful thoughts, you are fine in my opinion. It’s just biology.

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