Is it a sin to play video games etc a lot

Is it a sin to play video games,tv, and etc a lot. It dosen’t lead me to sin, it dosent take me away from god because i go to church on sunday , I pray every day, and it dosent take me away from my duties.So would it be a sin.

Ex: say i did all my duties that needed to be done today and i prayed and watch heard gods word for a hour, and spent some time with my family and it’s only 2:00 pm then say i go play video games for a hour, then tv for 2 hours, and maybe a 1-2 hours on ipod or computer.Would it be a sin if I did that. Please answer my question, and im sorry if this question confuessed you. Thank you, God bless.

As a fellow video game player myself (ipods, computers, Xbox are my thing) i’ve learned that these material goods are great but they aren’t awesome! Let me explain

I’ve come to learn that the greatest thing in life is my Faith and so nothing should hold me back. Video games and TV kept me back.I spent time and time again in front of TV, computers, Ipods, and so on that i was being deprived of my spiritual strength.

So, after I finally realized it, i cut down my gadget time. When i play video games, i make sure that I pray before or after the gaming. And actually, since my cutting down on gadgets, i’ve come to appreciate them more and by that i mean ill only play once or twice a week for 2 hours or so and sacrifice the rest of my time for more important things.

My :twocents:

Now, is it a sin or not with what your doing? By just reading it, i’d say no. But i don’t know your spiritual life. So, if this time in front of the gadgets is depriving you of something that can spiritually strengthen you then i’d say it may result in venial sin. But if the gaming keeps you from attending Mass on Sunday (or holy days of obligation) or necessary Reconcilliation, then it could reach Mortal sin level

God Bless you :smiley:

Thank you for helping me I feel so relived and I try to be best for god. Thank You. :smiley:

Video games, like drinking, gambling, clubbing, sports, and other recreational activities, are not by themselves sinful. However, they can become sinful if you spend too much time and money on them, if you become addicted to them (and yes, video games can be addictive, as I can personally attest) and if your whole life begins to revolve around them.

As long as you see them as merely a hobby or pastime, you’ll be okay.

IMO, you have a well balanced life

Ask your family. If your family says you’re not spending enough time with them and/or spending too much time playing video games (even if you don’t think you are), that might be a sign of a growing addiction (i.e. one of those “no other gods” the First Commandment talks about).

It is not a sin in itself and I wouldn’t worry about it as long as it doesn’t compromise your relationships (by playing too much or ignoring them completely).

I play video games a lot but I balance out with enough other things I hope.

I agree with Erich and it depends on your age and responsibilities in life. It wouldn’t be appropriate to spend this amount of time (up to 5 hours) staring at various screens if you have a spouse and children and they are not getting anything close to the same amount of attention.

If you are 17 and living at home and if your family did not object it could be fine.

Has someone else brought this to your attention? If so why?


I agree with what everyone has said here. However, I wish to add one point.

If you are in your early twenties, and you are still playing video games, you need to cut back and figure out what your vocation is. God has a plan for you, and if you spend the life He has given you playing games, that is definitely a serious sin; you are throwing away your life. If you haven’t figured out what your vocation is yet, now is the time to start praying and begging God to set you in the right direction.

If you are still a teen under 20, living with your parents or guardian, I think you’re fine, but you should still keep in mind what your life priorities are.

I forgot to say i’m 13 plus i’m asking this because i’m in spring break vacation and sense I don’t go to school for two weeks.

Ok, thanks for the clarification; I’d say you’re just fine.

I don’t know how old you are, but I feel I should throw out there (don’t know if people are aware this is a generational thing) the average age of a video game player is at least 30 at this point. It’s just another form of electronic entertainment now. I grew up playing games and still play games pretty regularly, as do a lot of people I know- people with careers, kids, etc. My dad would unwind on the weekends by watching sports at home with his friends. My friends and I play Nintendo. Just a different choice, you know?

re: the question, everything in moderation, right? Isn’t that an easy enough rule of thumb to go by concerning most things?

Can you show me a example how video games or oher electronics revloves around someones life

You’re young, but it’s never too early to learn how to think critically. Try to think of some examples yourself, and let us know what you think. I’m sure we can tell you if you’re on the right path. :thumbsup:

I don’t see how that would be a sin, as long as you are obeying your parents.

I assume you meant to ask for examples of how someone’s live revolves around (i.e. is centered on) video games, and not the other way around?

I play sometimes 3 or 4 hours a day but only if I have time to.Is that okay in your opinion?

I did the same when I was around your age. I believe the better question is: “is there something more important and of value with which you could spend that time?” A new language, an instrument, a new hobby, bodybuilding, all kinds of things can be done with time, and in the end you will be more happy if you do these things instead.

I’ll tell something about myself I haven’t mentioned in these forums before. There was one summer in which I played 6-8 hours (sometimes up to 10-11) of video games almost every day, because I had no extracurricular activities to do. My parents were not so irresponsible that they would let me throw away my life in that way, but that year they decided that just once, they would permit me to just let loose and spend all my time on games.

I had a LOT of fun. However, now that I consider it, I spent a LOT of time on a game that I don’t play anymore, (all the skill I obtained was for naught) and that time essentially vanished. I could have learned any number of things in all that time; but I didn’t. I chose to spend it on games.
To this day, I regret losing all that time. It wasn’t a horrible loss, but it was a loss nonetheless.

I am not suggesting that these games are evil. They are fun and it is fine, even good, to spend some time on them. However, you need to decide for yourself what your priorities are, and what you value most. Just think how many pounds of muscle you could have by the beginning of the next school year if you spent three hours a day exercising and bodybuilding instead of playing games!!

A few things to think about. :twocents: No person on this forum can give you a “lid” of time by which it becomes a sin to keep playing; only you can do that.

Thanks you for sharing with me about your personal gaming life,but sometimes on weekends I really dont know how much time i spend on video games , but i predict probably like 4 hours, im not sure because on the weekend is when I have free time because i finish all of my priorities like god,family,school and other duties that need to be done but when I have free time i play ps3,watch tv, go on iPod , or play soccer in the back yard but its hard for me to play soccer because how small my backyard is, if I kick the ball with full strength it goes right over the fence but yea on school days probably like 2 hours I play video games if I have time . Is my life pretty balanced to you on how much info I gave you, but if it ain’t enough please tell me ok.Also I usually play ps3 so I could FaceTime my cousin and play Fifa 13 with him,that is usually why I play games, I FaceTime everyday too .Thank you guys for all being so helpful. May God Bless You

I will reiterate that no one on this thread or these forums can tell you how much gaming is too much or if you are doing enough other activities. Only you and/or your parents, spiritual director, or priest can.

These questions are important, but cannot be answered by people here. Use good judgement and pray for God’s guidance.

God Bless. :slight_smile:

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