Is it a sin to pray for death

I can’t kill myself and so is it a sin if I pray to God to kill me by some way by His own will? Like is it wrong or even sacrilegious if I pray the rosary to die? I’ve just been battling severe depression for months now, I stopped being religious and I’m in a state of “severe” mortal sin and I just wanna die and hope that God will send me to purgatory until the end of time, anything but stay here in misery. So is it a sin? I don’t need details or other things I just need to know if that’s something that I can do.

You need to go see a doctor.

And it seems doubtful that you are in much of a state to be A) assessing the state of your soul and B) using your reason sufficiently to be able to sin gravely.

Tell a friend you want help. There’s nothing we can do on CAF other than to pray for your welfare, which I will certainly do.

Yes, definitely go see a Dr and also I will pray for you that some intervention for you will relieve your depression.


You are mentally ill. You need to go see a psychiatrist immediately. And probably a priest to talk through some of this stuff.

I’m not attacking you or anything. But you need to understand you have a condition. It’s no less legitimate than a broken leg. You wouldn’t think of someone as weak for going to see a doctor to get a broken bone set, would you? Of course not. Your condition is no less real just because you can’t see it. Please go seek help. You don’t have to feel this way.

Life issues can cause severe depression. I know as been extremely unhappy myself. I am on meds though.

I often pray asking for God to take me. Is it a sin? I would say no.

Thing is, God knows what is best so will do only what He thinks we need. Trust in God

It’s not a sin as far as I know.

I think it’s good that you are praying and leaving it up to God. God is keeping you here a while longer for some reason or purpose. I don’t know what it is. Do you? Try praying for wisdom and insight to know what God desires for you.

In the Book of Tobit, Tobias and Sarah each (separately) prays for death. God hears their prayers, but he has other plans. If you pray for death, perhaps you could take a line from Sarah’s prayer:
“But if it does not please you, Lord, to take my life,
look favorably upon me and have pity on me.”
God sent help, and it worked out well for all.

Read the Book of Tobit if you wish.

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It would seem to be. Life and a body are wonderful gifts from God.

However, one cannot always judge one’s own sin state and should seek spiritual advisement.

Shalom and ICXC NIKA

You should go to the ER at the first chance you get–they’ll help you.

And about the state of your soul: Even if you committed a billion mortal sins–if you obtain perfect contrition, and resolve to get to confession immediately (but GO to the ER first), you’ll be forgiven. Simply pray a Hail Mary, go before an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus or Divine Mercy or a crucifix, then tell God you are sorry for any fault you’ve committed against him in the past because they offend him who died for you, that you resolve to change, and resolve to go to confession immediately. You won’t know with absolute certainty if it was perfect contrition, but God is merciful and will hear your prayer. Then go to the ER.

By all means, DON’T pray for death–pray your rosary (after you get to the ER) for you to get out of your state.

I’ll pray for you

I have heard of people who are so near to death and in so much pain that they ask for God to take them. I have sympathy for them because it is so unbearable. I know they have reason to believe that death would be more merciful. God knows our hearts and souls. He knows what is beneficial to us, whether in suffering or in peace. We must believe that God allows us to suffer for the sanctification of our souls. Redemptive suffering. That is what I have been told. It is at that time that we must place our faith and trust in Him, depending solely on His mercy. Even the worst sins of human beings can be forgiven. God who made us knows when He will take us back. We will not know when. He has perfect timing. I would not ask for death to come but pray for the love of Christ to enter my heart and give me the strength to endure. Just as Jesus endured spiritual, emotional, and physical attacks from the evil one and the people who crucified Him, we must join our sufferings unto His. Make a good confession and persevere. You will begin healing. Pray the Holy Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Ask others to pray for you, too. Remember the love God has for you and the love we all have for you. Stay strong and God bless you.

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I suffer from depression and I can’t help but think that I want to die. I also used to have panic attacks where my awareness would narrow to such a degree that I would actually become suicidal. All is fine now and I wonder how I could have had such thoughts.

Is there any value in all this? Most people would insist that the answer is no. But I read the Book of Job, and like Job I never cursed God. Remember that Job wished he was never born.

It’s easy to worship God when we are under His grace, but the test comes when the grace is withdrawn.

I heard it said that we are on a journey leading to Heaven from within this world, walking through a stinking latrine. So, through the latrine we go. Many people like this latrine and would stay here throughout eternity if they could, caring nothing about God’s Heavenly Kingdom. My depression helped me realize that this life is just a journey.

So, yes I believe it’s OK to want to die while undergoing life’s toughest struggles, but be like Job and never curse God!

Definately, see a psychiatrist. I’m on several medications, and my favorite is Adderall that I take for ADD, but really helps with my depression as well. Many psychologists say that depressed people have a better perception of reality. It’s a very tough lesson to learn, but I now live my life as a journey that will soon come to an end. My eyes are now focused on the goal, Heaven!

Thanks for sharing your journey. lt helps me understand several I know suffering from severe depression and wish God would take their life.

God bless,

They can also be imperfectly contrite, as long as they go to confession. But yes, striving for perfect contrition is the way to go

I must be on the next page from you all, as I have dealt with depression for dog-years, but death is wholly loathsome to me.


80% of the people who opt for suicide are clinically depressed.
An overwhelming majority of such individuals are not able to make clear and logical decisions.
Such individuals are suffering primarily from clinical depression which can be treated successfully through the use of medication and counseling.
Such individuals could change their minds with appropriate medical diagnosis and treatment.

If in a fit of despair, the perspective of some future thing leaves us depressed, discouraged, and with the desire to give up, then this outlook normally comes from the Devil.

God owns everything!!
That includes you, His creature, who He created from nothing.
You possess His gift of free will.
Never make the eternal mistake of choosing death instead of living in the grace of God.

You would do well to seek confession at a Marian shrine.
Then pray the holy sacrifice of the Mass there.
And receive the Eucharist in Holy Communion.
Then start reciting the daily Rosary directly afterward.
Ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to give you the necessary graces to be a faithful and victorious member of the Body of Christ.
Have absolute confidence in Our Lady to give you strength to endure suffering.
Then show your gratitude by your true devotion to her.

And to shorten or eliminate Purgatory, you would do well to recite the Daily Acceptance of Death Prayer first thing in the morning and last thing at night:

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I accept from Your hands, whatever kind of death it may please You to send me today (tonight), with all its pains, penalties and sorrows, in reparation for my sins, for the souls in Purgatory, for the conversion of sinners, for all those who will die today (tonight), and for Your greater glory. Amen.

Praying for God’s perfect healing and health in your life.


It should be noted that even the Prophet Elijah prayed for death, but God had more important plans for him.

Back when I was in severe drug addiction and wishing to die, someone told me something that made me think a bit more…’ death may not be the relief you assume it will be’, what happens if you die and end up suffering more than you can imagine?

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