Is it a sin to put off Confession through laziness?

A priest said that it’s a mortal sin to not go to confession ASAP, if one in a state of mortal sin. Is this true, and how does it follow the precept to confess mortal sins once a year?

Thank you

Dear friend,

To commit a mortal sin, the act must be mortally sinful, the person must know this, AND the person must freely choose to commit it. I can’t imagine a person avoiding Confession because he wants to commit a further mortal sin. To refrain from confessing a mortal sin out of laziness sounds more like the person lacks the knowledge of the seriousness of the matter and/or is lacking in faith.

For our Lord, the morality of an act is determined by the intention of the one who is acting. Some people are afraid to go to Confession—even though it is their great opportunity for forgiveness and freedom. Certainly, such fear is not well founded. To remain in mortal sin is what should be frightening.

I strongly encourage anyone who is in mortal sin to go to Confession as soon as possible and to make a fervent act of contrition in the meantime. Eternity is a long, long time. But most of all, the Lord deserves our love.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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