Is it a sin to read fantasy Books

Is it a sin if you read light novel/Fantasy. I am my self christian.
Want a fast Answer

Why would it be sinful?

Beacuse some christian say that everything that comes from Fantasy is from the devil him self

Are you scrupulous?

yes they say fantasy have demonic text

that is not good for christian

Forget what “some Christians say”. Talk to your Priest.

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what do you think answer fast

I think you should speak to your Priest and not canvass people on the internet to base your opinion around.

I’m sorry, but I’m confused if you said you were scrupulous or not. If you are, you need to talk to your Priest about your scruples. He is the person best able to help you.

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ok but my priest is on semester in rome

Just reading fantasy?


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why is reading fantasy no

So speak to someone at your Church who can provide you with some direction. If you are scrupulous, the worst place to come is the internet.


ok i understand

J.R.R. Tolkien was one of the greatest fantasy authors of all time. He was also a devout Catholic. I think for reading fantasy to become sinful it would have to involve sinful material, such as impurity. Otherwise, I don’t see the issue.


My love of fantasy was formed by two Christian authors: Tolkien (a devout Catholic) and CS Lewis.

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I can say from experience that it was spiritually unhealthy to ‘love’ fictional characters and stories.
If let out of hand, it can divert the love that belongs to my family, and the faith that belongs to God.
You can be a ‘fan’ as long as you aren’t a fanatic. The only thing we can really be radical, fanatic, or extreme in is love, especially love of God and his will.

Avoid having more posters or fandom memorabilia than Christian icons. It will affect you psychologically.


Let me be clear.

Reading fantasy is not sin.

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Same thing can be said for almost anything, like sports.

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Yes, and yet the question was not about sports. Do you have a point?

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