Is it a sin to read something with cuss in it


So i’ m usually on instagram and there’s some funny pictures but some of them start of like N-Word be like. Yea so would it be sin to read things with cuss in it. Thank You God Bless.


Eh, the way I see it, in order for a any types of cussing to be considered a sin, you would have to intentionally want to say it. Most times when we cuss we say it in the heat of the moment without thinking. Many people use it as part of their normal speech without thinking about it. Also, many words that we deem as bad words really don't have that bad meanings and have less vulgar alternatives that people don't find offensive. Some cuss words practically have no meaning when they're said. It's just that we've deemed that specific word to be vulgar/bad. In the old days the bad words may have been more religious in nature and hence much worse.

If the cussing is directed at someone then there is more wrong there than the cussing (anger, hatred, abuse, etc). If it's directed at God, then obviously that's taking His name in vein and having those same emotions toward God. To me it's the intention of using the word. Just reading the N word in itself is not bad. It's bad when you talk about a person that it describes in a negative way. In that sense, it's not the word that's bad, but your intent in using it.


I'm pretty sure the word "******" is not a sin if used ironically and without malice (note my use of the word itself- I believe these kinds of taboos are very unhelpful, and that they give the words undue power). On the other hand, these jokes are usually stupid anyway :p.

If the cuss word is used by a character, then it depends on how it is used, how it is presented, and if the cuss words are blasphemous or simply crude. People do talk that way, and if it is used for realism and character portrayal without being lewd or obscene, then it is not sinful.

Edited to add: I see the word got censored; I was not aware that its use in a simple discussion was against CAF policy. I will respect that.


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