Is it a sin to receive the Eucharist....

Greetings and thank you,

I am a new catholic (2010), was married in 2001, (not in the church), My wife is not catholic, I have been receiving the Eucharist. Is this a sin for receiving communion if my marriage is not considered valid according to the church. I cannot wrap my mind around this…

Why can’t I receive the body?
What does this have to do with my marriage?

God Bless thanks

why wasn’t this dealt with when I was in RCIA? the church knew I wasn’t married in the church?


If this is the only marriage for both of you then you are in a valid marriage. Two Protestants who marry enter into a valid marriage through their consent in the exchange of vows. You were not Catholic at the time of your marriage so you were not bound by canon law to be married in a Catholic church. Therefor you are in a valid marriage through your reception into the Church you are free to receive the Eucharist at Mass.

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