Is it a sin to report a non-compliant non-profit organization ?

There is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization that has no board and many conditions that are non-compliant.
Is it a sin if I made an agency aware of this ?

You haven’t listed any reasons why that would be a sin.

You’ve also not really explained what compliance issues they have as “not having a board” may or may not be an issue.

So, :woman_shrugging: maybe.

What sin do you think you’d be committing? What makes you think this is a sin?

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I dont know. I feel like it would be “snitching” ? For example, if you witness someone stealing something, would it be a sin if you told the police ?

My apologies, I do not know of any reasons that making an agency aware of non-compliancy would be a sin. That is why I am asking for help with this question.

Non-profits have to meet some requirements to maintain legal status.

Barring special circumstances, stopping the violation of a just law is a perfectly valid reason for disclosing information which would be prejudicial to another.


I didn’t see “No snitching” in the 10 Commandments anywhere.

Would only be a sin if you lied (“bear false witness against your neighbor”) in your report to the authorities.

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My rule of thumb is: if there’s something really concerning you, tell your local law enforcement and let them decide whether it’s worth investigating. It’s in their job description.

In your case, check with your state attorney general’s office or your state’s department that governs licensure of non-profits.

I think the OP was referring to the 10 commandments of prison life :joy:


Yes; they do, but having a board is a requirement of the state they are in not of their Federal status; so, I don’t know that they are out of compliance.

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I’m guessing the trepidation (aside from “snitching”) is that you might put an organization that does charitable work into hot water. The other side of the coin, though, is that non-profits have these legal requirements for several reasons. One is to protect the donors, helping ensure that they are funding good work, and not lining the pocket of the founder or board members.

If you’d be more comfortable with it, perhaps you could talk to someone in the organization to find out the situation from the organization’s perspective. Perhaps it needs people to help. Perhaps it’s a one-person show, and the legal requirements seem like a waste. The conversation might either help the organization to get compliant, or it might give you better direction in what you do.

If having a board is a requirement of state compliance , then wouldnt they be non-compliant with the state if there is no board ?

Yes; but, in your first post you didn’t mentioned state compliance. You specified 501©3 which is a Federal designation and the Federal gov’t doesn’t require a board of directors.

Lots of people make assumptions of what rules non-profits have to follow; I have no idea of if you are one of those people but I’d make sure you knew exactly what rules they are breaking and whose rules (Federal/state/parent organization/other) before reporting them to whatever agency you are thinking about.

Ok. I am getting lost here. Do 501 c 3’s have to be compliant with state requirements also ? Or just compliant with Federal requirements ? Are there state requirements for 501 c 3’s ?

It’s also one of the Notorious B.I.G.s “10 Crack commandments”.

OP, the Catholic Church teaches the 10 Commandments of God, not Biggies 10 Crack commandments.

Compare the two:


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These are questions for the IRS or a tax attorney, these are not theological or moral questions for a Catholic Internet Forum.

It depends on the state, and what the organization is doing. You’re getting into questions here that would require a lawyer familiar with all the specific facts of the particular state and situation to answer properly.

If you have some concern about an organization, you can report it to whatever federal or state authority takes such concerns, and if said authority or agency thinks there is an issue, they’ll deal with it.

The authority or agency may also decide there is no issue or that it’s “small potatoes” and not worth bothering with, in which case nothing will change, but you’ll have done what you thought was right/ what you needed to do.

It’s not really your job as a citizen to sit down and figure out what regulations apply and what the organization needs to abide by.

501©3 is a Federal designation that allows the organization to be exempt from Federal income tax. Some states have additional requirements to be recognized as an exempt organization (exempt from state income tax) in their state, some states have requirements needed in order to request funds within their state (ask people for money), different types of income may have other regulatory requirements. For example, if you sell food, even if you are a non-profit, you are (likely) still required to collect and remit sales tax to the state in which you are selling the food. Every jurisdiction is different.

My apologies that my original question was not simple enough. It seems to have evolved into a legal issue.
I was simply trying to ask if it is a sin to report a person or organization that has been stealing. It is none of my business , so I was wondering if this is a sin or not to report them.

My apologies that my original question did not get the point across. It seems to have evolved into a legal issue.
I was simply trying to ask if it is a sin to report a person or organization that has been stealing. It is none of my business , so I was wondering if this is a sin or not to report them.

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