Is it a Sin to Sin Within a Dream

Ok so I just woke up and I had a dream where it seemed like I was viewing a sex seen as I was in the same room. Also I was watching pornography on my computer and masturbating in my dream. So would this be considered a sin and if so would it be a mortal sin or would it be a venial sin since I was dreaming

You have no control over your dreams. It’s not a sin.

ok so its safe to assume it was Satan trying to tempt me since I already have a problem with pornography and masterbation

If you are dreaming about it, and have to ask the question; I would go and confess it to cover my bases.

only if it were a lucid dream.

O my gosh I received communion and gave communion to God’s people I don’t know if it was a sin since I don’t know what is a lucid dream may you please explain it to me

It gets tricky here, because sometimes I think I am having a lucid dream, but I’m only dreaming that I’m lucid. If that makes sense. Hah.

OP: Don’t worry about it. Put it as far out of mind as possible. Feed your imagination with good things so you’ll have good dreams, but there is only so much you can do to influence your dreams.

no, its not a sin to sin during a dream.

A lucid dream is one where you know that you are dreaming, and thus, can control all your actions. Few people can do it, and it takes training. but since you are in control, you are a mode of full will, and what you do in the dream is just as sinful as if you did it in real life, because you fully chose to do it.

Ha! I had sinned in a dream a couple of months ago… and in my dream, one of my good friends (who is not catholic) told me that it was ok… because he “went to confession for me”… I wasn’t sure if sin in a dream was actually sinful so I took it to confession. My priest told me that it was NOT a sin… also, he got a good chuckle about the confession by proxy. :slight_smile:

LOL at these types of posts. Really. Stop, no, it’s not a sin. Troll much?

Are you sure you woke up? :smiley:

When I was a teenager and a virgin, I used to dream about sex all the time and used to get so mad if one of my siblijngs would wake me to ask to borrow a shirt or something.

I was pretty lucid.

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