Is it a sin to still feel guilty after confession?

Here is my dilemma. I went to confession and after doing my penance I still feel guilty that it wasn’t enough. So is this wrong is it a sin? Also any ideas on how to make me get over the feeling?

You may be confusing guilty feelings with true contrition for your sins. Contrition is a good thing, and you may do extra penance if you choose to do so. I try to fast every Friday for my sins, even though I went to confession.

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One can still “feel” guilty sure. And we are to also do penance (more than what is from the Sacrament) - for there often remains temporal effects for our sins. Prayer, almsgiving, indulgences etc will work on such.

One also is to recognize in faith that our sins themselves when repented of and confessed in confession and absolved…are forgiven. And we have true life again in Christ in the case of mortal sins - and renewed life in the case of venial sins (which can also be forgiven in other ways so do not wait for confession --but do go to confession frequently).

Also remember feelings are not per se the barometer - and our feelings are not something we have a despotic control over -only a diplomatic one if that…

It is not sinful to feel anything. Emotions (joy, anger, guilt, sorrow, shame) are amoral—they are neither right nor wrong.

What can fall into the moral or immoral is how you act in response to those emotions.

I think you have to truly accept that your sins are forgiven and that your penance is satisfactory as the Priest is acting in persona Christi. Jesus has already paid the ultimate price for our sins, we are simply washing our robes (washing away our unrighteousness). If you read John 20: 23 it’s clear. Also, please take a look at this… I’m pretty sure it will help you.

The Church does not teach that the penance in Confession is satisfactory…per se. That is there can be penance in life remaining to do for those sins.

Yes ones sins are forgiven. But there can remain more penance to do in life.

I believe that your whole life should be dedicated to God which would pay the additional penance… I’m certainly not suggesting that going to confession will gain you access to heaven. I think what I wrote still stands though. You do have to trust in God for the forgiveness of your sins. And I believe that at the heavenly feast, He will take away His people’s shame.

Just a wee note that the link there is not about this topic.

Yes one must trust in the forgiveness of ones sins. *

But our feelings are not in complete control. And one can still feel guilty for one sins- both in a good reasonable way - as well at times in an unreasonable way (which one seeks to dismiss) and more importantly one is still “be contrite” - that is something that continues in life. The Saints did much penance in their lives after their conversion. If one goes to confession say for a mortal sin and is contrite etc and absolved - true life is restored to them - they have heaven in a real sense now - and are headed that way. And they have yes forgiveness of those sins -they are sons in the Son - walking now in the Spirit and in Love - living in that true life.

My apologies. The above link is actually not relevant to this thread after all. It is specifically in relation to not repenting. I misread it the first time.

The Sacrament of Reconcilliation does two things: Reconciliates to sinner to God and gives the Divine Grace to avoid future sin.

All sin is against God, first and foremost. Then sin ripples throughout time and space to cause harm to other people. We out to remember to find ways to make up our wrongdoings to those we have also harmed. The first step is saying your sorry and then, how do I make it up? We are not always able to make-up for our wrong doings, and this is when we especially need Gods divine Grace to help those who suffer for our wrong doings.

It’s natural to still feel guilt I think, if you don’t feel guilt for your sins, then how can you truly ask for forgiveness from them? Follow your heart, if you feel additional penance is needed, then go with that. Pray a Rosary. Your feelings aren’t sinful, those feelings come from your soul and are being influenced by your guardian angel. Just pray and try to do better. Confession is supposed to be hard, it makes you feel shameful to tell your sins to your priest because you are putting yourself out there- you feel vulnerable. It makes you not want to repeat the things you have confessed- which helps you along your journey. Offer your feelings of guilt and your wrong doings to our Blessed Mother, she’ll pray for you and ask her Holy Son for your forgiveness as well. She’ll help strengthen you so that you have the strength to resist temptation.

It can be a struggle to feel free of our sins, but that is what Jesus wants for us. Here is a reflection on this from the point of view of St Josemaria Escriva that might help:

Saint Josemaria on Sin

Thank you for help and answers this along with another tread today have done a lot to help me and see what I need to do

No, it is not a sin - which is a choice or action of the will. It is a reaction of the emotions, over which we have far less control.

How to get over it? Reflections on what confession is; perhaps reflection on some of the Psalms (sorry, I cannot recall which one(s) refer to God as casting our sins “behind His back”.

It is not a very unusual reaction. Many times it is far harder for us to forgive ourselves than it is for God to forgive us.

A second thought - re-read the Gospel story of the son who demanded his inheritance and squandered it. In particular, look for any analysis of this passage.

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