Is it a sin to support one team over the other in sports games

I mean when your favourite team plays a match, you wish the other side to loss, so is that a sin or can leads to a sin?

No. As long as you keep everything in a healthy balance and dont let sports or human idols take the place that God is supposed to have in your life…

It would be a sin to wish that the other team’s goalie or quarterback breaks his leg.

It is not a sin to hope that your team defeats the other team in a fair match. That’s just healthy competition.

I once saw a bumper sticker that proudly proclaimed “My favorite college football teams are Ohio State and whoever is playing U of M.”

Watch the movie “The Fan” with Robert DeNiro. If that’s the kind of fan you are, then you need to repent. And get a really good psychotherapist.


If the other team is the Oakland Raiders it is a sin to NOT want them lose every game they play. OTH if one is a Houston Astros fan who pulls for them to win they get a get out of Purgatory free carddue to all their suffering on this earth

trying to come up with a way there could be sin here and I guess I don’t have your imagination.

Well I think you might have just committed a venial sin since Oakland is my favorite team and I’m offended. Just kidding with you but Oakland is in a different conference than the Cowboys and the Texans are new and I don’t remember ever being a rival of the Oilers. Titans perhaps? But anyways, Raider nation all the way and I think they will be good this year.

Oh, I personally get drawn into taking the Lord’s name in vain when watching my favorite teams so that is the only problem with sin that I can see coming from sports. And I have the same mentality about the other team in regards to the Patriots since I hate Boston teams. I am grateful to the Giants and will be a fan of them unless they play the Raiders in the Superbowl.

Once I saw someone wearing a shirt saying basically the same thing: “My two favorite teams on Sunday are the Packers and whoever is playing the Vikings.” We were right next to a lake and I almost administered him the sacrament of baptism (and I’m not even a priest :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Needless to say, fanatical fanhood may trigger some un-Christian sentiments. In these cases, turn off the TV and get a life!

No, it’s not a sin. If God were not a Penn State fan, why did he make the sky blue and white?

I maintain the sky is purple and white with a tinge of yellow. Everyone else is colorblind. :smiley:

I was born and raised in Kansas City and was a Chiefs season Ticket holder until moving to Texas some 30 years ago. I now spend most of my time in Colorado and find that the only thing I share in common Broncos fans is a hatred of the Oakland raiders!:smiley:

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