Is it a sin to take images from the internet?

I would like to add iconography of western saints to my altar, but the only website I know that has such pictures sell actual icons of the pictures they have posted online. I don’t have the allowance to buy the icons, but if I take it, I think it’s stealing. Do you have any suggestions?

Link to the site and let us take a look at it. Some sites allow that sort of thing, others don’t.

It’s the Monastery Icons. But if there are other places I can get iconography for free or a low price, please tell me.

What sort are you looking for? The Catholic Answers shop might have some for decent prices. Their summer sale is going on right now, so everything has reduced prices.

That’s true. I’ll keep looking around.

Oh, I just found a way to find pictures not bound by copyright! I go to Google, and under search tools, I filter out images so what I get are pictures “labeled for noncommercial reuse”. I’ll still check if those are bound by copyright. Would it be a sin to use those pictures?

If they are labeled for non-commercial reuse then you are fine to print them out and use them. What that means is that they’re open for public use so long as you are not making money from them. Enjoy!

Do not use Monastery Icons under any circumstance. They are not Christian, more like pseudo-Hindu, and there are some extra nasty rumors swirling about them online. The Orthodox and Eastern Catholic communities have disavowed them and it’s a good idea if you do, too.

It would depend upon how you meant to use them, generally.

If you are trying to earn money, or to put it into your own webpage, it would behoove you not to use such images unpaid.

Otherwise, it would depend. IMNAAHO


Unless you are going to sell them.

Nice graphic BTW!


Just my little joke :wink:

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