Is it a sin to tell a priest he upset you, or should I turn the other cheek?

I just had an encounter with a priest after mass at a parish other than my own that left me in tears. It stemmed from him misunderstanding what I was asking, but by the time he did understand, it was all I could do to keep from crying from the shock and embarrassment of being publicly chastised, that I had to leave. Is it okay to let him know what I meant and why I left abruptly, or am I bound to just turn the other cheek and say nothing? I feel like if I had been someone not firmly grounded in my faith, that this would be enough to make me not want to come back. I really want to do the right thing, but the whole thing was really distressing.

“Turn the other cheek” is not a command to be a walking mat or overly passive. Think of the Civil Rights marchers, they turned the other cheek while standing up for their rights.

The command requires us to treat our enemies/opponents with respect, forgiveness and humility. It does not require us to ignore truth.

As long as you’re not holding a grudge and approach the priest with respect, I see no reason why you can’t inform him about how his actions made you feel. It could be an act of charity because he may not have realized how he came across.

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