Is it a sin to tell jokes?


I know that a lot of the early church fathers were really against joking and laughter, so is it sinful for one to do so?



Please, follow the advice you have already been given. You should not be asking these questions here. Speak to your priest and your mental health professional. Continuing to ask these questions will only make your condition worse.



No. It’s not. I’ve never heard of the Church Fathers condemning laughing and jokes.

Where are you getting this stuff from?


It’s in many early church writings. Just a quick Google search will bring up loads of information.

St. Basil was one of many who condemned laughter.


“Indulging in unrestrained and immoderate laughter is a sign of intemperance, of a want of control over one’s emotions, and of failure to repress the soul’s frivolity by a stern use of reason. It is not unbecoming, however, to give evidence of merriment of soul by a cheerful smile, if only to illustrate that which is written: ‘A glad heart maketh a cheerful countenance’;1but raucous laughter and uncontrollable shaking of the body are not indicative of a well-regulated soul, or of personal dignity, or self-mastery.”

This was written for those in monastic life and in immoderate amounts. Why are you looking this stuff up when you know you have scrupulous tendencies?


“From silly devotions and sour -faced saints, good Lord, deliver us.”.

~ St. Teresa of Avila


I looked it up a while ago, actually, long before I made an account here.

The questions should hopefully stop in about four days, though, once my meds kick in.


^^^^^ THIS. I am a scrupulant myself, and I can tell you, what you are doing is only making things worse for yourself. I know what you are feeling, but you have to control your scruples—treat them as you would temptations to sin. You need to firmly resolve yourself against indulging your scrupulosity by asking these questions on an internet forum. You are doing yourself harm. It takes a strong will to resist temptation, but you must.

Listen to Father ACEGC. He is giving you solid pastoral advice.


don’t rely on your meds. Use you inner strength to resist your compulsion. Meds aren’t a cure.


What does your priest say? :slight_smile:


If its like modern comedy it could be. Most of it consists in vulgar words and crude language.


It’s a sin to tell unfunny jokes. Fortunately it’s a sin I’ve never committed.


Not at the expense of those objects,precepts and creatures the Lord raised to dignity and sacredness. This includes veiled insinuations that leave no doubt of meaning. The authority of ministerial status is not held with respect and is open to attacks and eventually passed on to the jokesters as new material.

I see this happening on TV many times. It would seem the writers find it safe to ridicule sacred things. The Church it seems is especially targeted, as was foretold it would be. God is seen as a pushover and just a nice guy always open to a ribbing on occasion.

The truth is, this generation has reached God’s patience. Fr. Ripperger stated it well that we are due for a spanking.


I’m guessing if it’s sexually perverted or in bad taste about another person then yes


Depends on the spirit in which it’s done. I find having a healthy sense of humor about my work as a priest makes the difficult days much easier to manage, and the joyful days all the more so. It takes a certain kind of humor to get through a day where you baptize a baby in the morning, say a funeral Mass at midday, and celebrate a wedding in the afternoon. We really have days like that.

Fulton Sheen once said of the sacraments that they were a manifestation of the Divine Sense of Humor–humor is simply the ability to take one thing and to make it mean something else. The Lord can take simple, humble bread and wine and make it mean the means for our salvation in his Body and Blood. And he can take simple, ordinary men, and endow them with the gift to do just that for him and for his Church. It’s the ultimate in humor. So humorous I will be.



Unfunny like vulgar or offensive jokes?


i’m not good at telling jokes, but will often slip in a pun to see if anyone picks up on it. Usually not!


I’m not understanding how that’s humor-“taking one thing and making it mean something else”?


Think of how a joke works–it works because a word might mean two different things, or because an event is understood one way by one person but another by another.

Check out what Archbishop Sheen himself had to say:


Stop me if you heard this one :slight_smile: . An angel or a demon walked up to the opposite. They said Im never gonna forgive you. The other said likewise, sins reflected. Tolerance is the best policy sometimes. There has to be some truth in humor for it to make you like it, even if it isnt popular.

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