Is it a sin to think of yourself as attractive?

Is it a sin? I mean I was someone that used to be obsessed with vanity, but now I don’t even wanna look in the mirror because I don’t want to think of myself as being attractive, because then I get prideful and start having prideful thoughts about being good looking. I’ve started to do things without looking in the mirror for this purpose only when I have to, or when I’m abou to leave the house just to make sure I don’t look ridiculous haha, but when does it become a sin?

No, it’s not a sin to think of yourself as attractive.

It becomes a sin when thoughts become excessive.

I think it only sort of becomes a sin when you start to make kissy faces at yourself in the mirror or gaze lovingly at your own photographs.

I mean as long as you don’t start using them to get what you want in life. At the expense of other people. You should be Ok. I mean studying yourself for signs of hotness is totally fine. It’s making yourself swoon with envy at your mirror image that crosses the line.

Or something.



Gee, I sure hope not, given that I’m a pretty good-looking fellow.

Years ago grownups did not tell their children they were anything special in the looks department. (At least my parents didn’t. They were afraid we would all get swelled heads.)

I remember my dad introducing me to some people. It went something like this:“This is our oldest daughter. She’s no raving beauty, but she’s a good kid…”

I often wondered if “raving beauties” were beauties that were crazy.

No, I don’t believe seeing yourself as attractive is wrong. You must be honest with yourself. Someone told me once “If you don’t think well of yourself, nobody else will”.

What a cross!!

Don’t worry, just keep on livin and life will take care of this problem…

Nope, not a sin. Just recognize it as a gift from God and as an instrument that you can use for His glory and to bring people to Christ. You can be a good example to young people everywhere by being a beautiful and holy role model. :slight_smile:

Not if its true…

However, to expect special treatment because you are, that’s a problem!

Amen! :thumbsup:


No. Acknowledging your good qualities is not an act of vain-glory. Trying to convince yourself that you’re less attractive or less worthwhile of a person than you are is actually rooted in pride. It’s false humility. Pride is a preoccupation with yourself. So whether you’re obsessing about your vice or virtue, you are sinning. Humility is self-forgetfulness. It turns your eyes off yourself and onto others and thus is a key component to authentically loving your neighbor.

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