Is it a sin to use/buy products tested on animals? Is it immoral?

Okay, so I have a thread like this before. I’m not a vegertarian or a vegan.

So is it a sin to use/buy products tested on animals? Whether it’s shampoo, makeup, cleaning products, hygiene products or medicine?

I know what the CCC says.

When I found out and thought about animal testing, I wanted to get products not tested on animals. So I got a few things that are not tested on animals. But then I read of different things. All that made me think if they don’t test on animals, what or who do they test on?

So now I’m not sure. The things I have not tested on animals I’m uncomfortable using because if they don’t test on animals, how do they run their tests?

I know there’s cell tests and that, but are they moral? Are they with Catholic teaching? Are they tested on aborted babies, or cells got immorally?

So what do I do? What do I use?

I stopped using my face wash a while ago so now my skin isn’t very clear. I can’t cover it with makeup because it might be a sin to use the makeup tested on animals but it might be a sin to use the makeup not tested on animals. I don’t use as much products as I used to, whether needed or not.

So, considering everything, is it a sin to use something tested on animals? Is it a sin to use something not tested on animals?

The one tested on animals causes animals pain, but the one not tested on animals may go against the dignity of human life.

Still though, what am I to use?

Is there any products where the tests that are ran are humane, have Catholic/Christian morals and don’t endanger or mistreat either human or animal life?

Could I please get answers here, since I asked here? Could a priest here please help?

Does anyone know any products that test agree with Catholic teaching and are fair to both?

Really appeciate help.

God Bless

The Church teaching:

CCC 2417 God entrusted animals to the stewardship of those whom he created in his own image. Hence it is legitimate to use animals for food and clothing. They may be domesticated to help man in his work and leisure. Medical and scientific experimentation on animals is a morally acceptable practice if it remains within reasonable limits and contributes to caring for or saving human lives.

I know. But what are “reasonable limits”? And a few Catholics and Christians seem to be really against cruelty to animals. I mean, is using shampoo or hygiene products count in “caring for” humans? What about products to get rid of pimples and clear skin? To wash clothes? What about makeup?

I think its pretty clear that teaching allows experiments for medical benefits to humans and not for cosmetics.

Okay, but not just cosmetics. Other things I stated. Not just medical things. What about that? If they don’t test on animals, what do they test on? What if they on cells etc and what does that mean?

Am I sinning if I use something tested on animals? The “cruelty free” alternatives may be cruelty free to the animals but what about human life?

What about medicine? Would you volunteer to be the first person to ingest “drug a” knowing nothing of its effects positive or negative?

The same is true for cosmetics and soaps which are CHEMICALS.

If you are really concerned you can buy a soap that is made from Shea butter or animal rendering.

The soaps that say they aren’t tested on animals means that the bottle if soap was not tested on animals because the compounds used in the ingredients were previously tested by another organization or it uses chemicals known to not cause injury (from being tested on animals in the past)

I know. And I realise if things like medicine were tested on humans first off, it would be immoral.

I’m against the “alternative” to animal testing being human (whether embryo cells, fetal cells etc)

But most things that say “not tested on animals” - from what I read - get other companies to test, or use unfair treatment to humans.

Actually, I remember something saying “tested on humans” or whatever, but from what I remember, it was natural or whatever and by that they (hopefully) probably meant their end product. (Please God that is done fairly!)

I don’t like the idea in an animal suffering, but I’m completely disgusted in unborn babies just being used as “cells.”

You see my problem? What am I to do?

Please God that one day there’s a catholic, proper, moral, fair alternative to both, that really is cruelty free to both human and animals.

What am I to do to clear my skin? Or wash my hair? Or brush my teeth?

Is isn’t just as easy as switching to cruelty free stuff - which I once thought - but then to stop animal cruelty, human cruelty is used as an alternative, something I’m completely against.

I still have stuff left over which is tested on animals, should I finish off and still use these? Would it be wrong to let them go to waste, considering they’re already paid for. Would wasting them be almost as if the animals suffered for nothing?

I am curious why you think animals can be used for food but not used for experimentation?

I think you have a lot of misconceptions about animal testing. They are not generally in torture chambers. Does the soap harm you? No, so it doesn’t hurt the animal either. Usually in testing/experimenting there are lots of safeguards and procedures in place to prevent suffering.

Here in the US some medical research chimps were just retired to a beautiful outdoor zoo like enclosure. They seemed healthy and fine. Remember too that the vast majority of animal testing is on mice/rats. Not cuddly puppies.

From what I gather, they’re not always treated very fairly. I’ve seen pictures of rabbits caged up or whatever they were in. They force them to eat the ingredients, seeing if it makes them sick or kills them. They go blind. They suffer. They’re not treated fairly. I know it tends to be mice or rats or rabbits etc but I still don’t like the idea in them suffering.

I know it’s not painless for animals to be killed for food.

I don’t like animals suffering. But I think it’s worse that humans are aborted, and their cells and tissues used for experimentation, as if that is any less cruel.

And I don’t just mean medical, with medical tests on animals it’s going toward saving humans. I mean with everyday things - soap, shampoo, deodorant, acne treatment, hygiene products, cleaning products, toothpaste, makeup etc.

If there some alternatives (I was told that plant cells could be tested on - is this moral?) that eliminated human babies from being tested on, or at least they treated the animals with the highest possible standard of respect and fair treatment possible and necessary, please God that would be okay

Your motives are noble, but you can’t live your life believing that every creature, plant on earth are equal. I would encourage you to support ethical testing legislation/regulation. Always remember us humans are the ones created in Gods image. We are to be careful stewards of Gods creation but are allowed to use it. Think of the Old Testament sacrifices for example.

Also, I am not saying it never happens, but animal activists will pick and choose pics of animals being tested that invoke an emotional response even if its not characteristic of 99 percent of animal testing.

Also…be careful as some “animal friendly” products are tested using stem cells from aborted babies instead. While some frown at the idea of injecting something info their arm that was grown using a monkey’s kidney cell, the would feel better if human stem cells were used instead?

What groups can we currently rely on to give us accurate information as to the ingredients send processing of various foods, medicines, and products? I usually do my own research and it us exhausting!

Thanks. The whole “cruelty free to animal products aren’t cruelty free to humans” is my main concern in all this. I haven’t forgotten it, it’s why I’m asking.

If it was as simple and straightforward as buying and using things not tested on animals - and these “cruelty free” stuff wasn’t tested on aborted babies - I wouldn’t be concerned.

So that’s why I’m asking is it a sin to use something tested on animals? Is it a sin to buy them? Is it a sin to use what I already have? Is it immoral using something that an animal suffered in the making? I may not need it to survive, but these are things that help.

If it was there would be special Catholic stores marketing cruelty free soaps. I have never heard of the pope or anyone advocating such a position. Please don’t beat yourself up. Use your products and if you have a personal conviction to use something not tested on anyone then have at it, but its not an issue of sin/morality just preference

[quote="Jon_S, post:14, topic:332029"]
If it was there would be special Catholic stores marketing cruelty free soaps. I have never heard of the pope or anyone advocating such a position. Please don't beat yourself up. Use your products and if you have a personal conviction to use something not tested on anyone then have at it, but its not an issue of sin/morality just preference


Thanks. Maybe I shouldn't beat myself up over it, or worry over it. I guess people take what the CCC says differently. I don't want to have animals suffer, but the idea that testing such things on human embryo/fetal cells is considered a "cruelty free" method is just disgusting. And then, what's a Catholic to do? Use things tested on animals? Use things tested on babies? Use nothing at all? All the reading I've done of this and I get a lot of different opinions. I asked a priest. I think he was saying not to use something if you know it's tested on animals or something like that. Then I said that if it's not tested on animals, it's possibly tested on aborted babies. Obviously the animal testing one is better to go with compared to testing on human life. Then he asked the deacon (I think that's what they're called - he's training to be a priest) who was beside us and he said rather than waste what I have use it and look for alternatives, that health food shops or whatever they're called may know. That was a while ago. But I really don't use as much of the products as I used to. Please God if it's His Will I'll use the advice soon! Apparently different Christians were against animal testing, but I think it was in different time zones, maybe in different circumstances and where human baby testing etc didnt exist. 

Anyways, thanks for the help. 

God Bless

We have already told you it is NOT a sin. The bottom line is that the Church permits experiments on animals if it medically benefits humans.
The Church has spoken and that’s all that matters to me. I for one do not give this subject any thought from day to day.

Is it a sin? Not it’s not.
Is it immoral? Yes it is.

That is impossible in catholic teaching. There is nothing immoral that is not a sin.

This issue is neither sinful nor immoral as long as it is deliberate, respectful, and necessary.

We are not talking about needless suffering or torture.

I know medical. But what about the other things? The other products - hygiene, toothpaste, shampoo, makeup, acne treatment, cleaning products etc

But are the things I mentioned - besides medical - considered necessary? And are the animals always treated as fairly as possible in such situations?

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