Is it a sin to watch a movie with brief nudity?


I want to watch a movie but I read it has brief nudity. I don’t want to watch it for sexual pleasure I just think maybe it would be funny. Would it be a sin if I watch it? If so would it be venal or mortal?


the movie itself is not a sin, your activity of watching it is also might not be a sin.

but since you may not know how your eye or mind will react when things like that appear on the screen. i think better not watch it.


I would suggest waiting till it comes to broadcast T.V., but the censorship rules aren’t what they used to be.


It’s difficult now -a- days to find a movie that has nothing objectionable in it. If you don’t dwell upon the nude scene or go for popcorn when it comes on, you should be ok. :thumbsup:

I wish the Legion of Decency was still reviewing movies. Hollywood complied with the Legion’s wishes.


I read in St. Padre Pio’s memoirs that he himself experienced a lot of bad thoughts but that didn’t necessarily mean that he sinned on those occasions. Those thoughts become sins if we put them into action or if we willfully entertain them. The devil is everywhere so don’t worry too much about it because we can’t escape it. Just say a prayer like the prayer to the guardian angel or prayer to St. Benedict…You can also look the other way if you’re not really comfortable watching the nude scenes. :wink:


I also wish the League of Decency was still reviewing movies, but in the mean time I absolutely do to the best of my ability not to go to movies that are sexually explicit in language or actions. I also refuse to go to movies that use God’s name as an expression of a swear word. It doesn’t leave me many choices for movies but then we have to make some sacrifices in some form or other and I have chosen this way to do mine.


You are really good example to follow. When the devil is waiting like a “roaring lion,” why take a risk and play with “little morsels of sin”, like accident-prone adventurous children who always love playing with fire and other dangerous stuff? Deep inside, sometimes lurks a hidden desire to encounter something spicy/sinful just for the kicks, no matter what the cost afterwards.


It is really a shame that God-fearing people have such a limited number of movies to choose from. Most people don’t care about what they see or hear in a film, so most of the movies are disgusting & “R” rated. :blush:
I’m thinking of passing a petition around at my parish to send to movie makers. It will say we are tired of the trash and want decent movies & TV shows with a good story & proper language. If enough parishioners respond, things may change. :shrug: :thumbsup:


I had a sexual addiction for 17 years until with God’s help and my work I was delivered from it. I say all that because I used to go to the movies that presented soft core and hard core porn. It had a tremendous negative effect on our marriage of 42 years. It is for the aforementioned information that I do this. If I am caught by surprise by what is being shown and it is a video, I fast forwards it. If it is simply folks making love under the covers, I an tolerate that because it is normal for two married folks to make love. If it is rather lengthy, I will fast forward it or leave the room until the act is finished.
I am careful to pray to Our Lady to keep my mind pure and therefore try to avoid the aforementioned situations before they arise.
Lastly, I take several medications and for one reason or another , when I don’t take one of them Ihave very erotic dreams. Fortunately I awaken to battle the demon. It is important to note with you guys that struggles with this, that if you find yourself awakened like that, you have an obligation to fight it off by prayer and any other means; like a cold shower or run around the block. If you don’t fight/pray it away, you are liable for mortal sin. If, you are not awake sufficiently to fight/pray it away you have not committed a mortal sin.
I pray that helps all of you guys and gals out there.
Mother most pure, pray for us.
In Christ,


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