Is it a sin to watch graphic videos?

I’ve had this on my mind for a while so I figured I’d ask here before asking a priest

Is it a sin to watch videos of injures,shootings,death

I don’t get any sick pleasure from this so I don’t personally thinks it’s sinful if I’m not watching for that reason

I do find watching police shooting/any shooting videos interesting because I can see what actually happened

I just want to make sure there isn’t anything sinful about it because it’s fresh in my mind again

Anyone responses are greatly appreciated
And if you have questions for me or about my question I’ll do my best to answer

Talk to a priest.

I would say perhaps a sin of curiosity which has to do with custody of the mind. Indulgence of such could potentially lead to more serious sins.

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Curiousity is a sin?

Morbid curiosity is a sin.
Desensitising yourself could be a sin.

I’m usually just interested in seeing what happened when it comes to more tragic stuff (I don’t trust media too much)

I will watch like dramatic battles randomly just for the history and action

Sometimes I’ll admit I just want to see if a video is real or what happens in it

Could you explain what those two things mean?

It’s not healthy to have such an interest in death and violence.

I wouldn’t say I have much interest in actual death
I only care about violence in entertaining ways like in good movies,tv, or stories

I have interest in horror/crime movies and themes and dark mysteries
I will admit I did have phase where I cared about shock value

I’m not myself violent and haven’t been in a violent situation (I do think about protecting my friends in my head but I’m very passive in person)

But you do have some good points so I’ll be careful of it in the future

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It may help you to develop into a better person(something we all want to achieve!) by filling your head with good things.God bless :slight_smile:

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