Is it a sin to watch these videos

Sorry if this is a weird question.
I found these videos on the Internet where people take hidden cameras into Mormon temples and record secret Mormon temple ceremonies. The Mormons obviously do not like this.

Somehow I feel weird watching it, like I am invading or infringing on people’s privacy or something, but I find it interesting. It is not any occasion of me loosing my faith over it or anything. it is just weird, because the faithful Mormons would never want this to happen and I feel I am betraying their privacy or something. almost like someone took a secret camera into a jury room.

I guess another question would be do they have a “right” to have secret ceremonies in the name of Christianity, and is this the responsibility of people to shed light on what they are doing? Does God want this “exposed?”

Maybe I am just feeling creeped out by the ceremonies or something.

We have a secret ceremony going on right now inside the Sistine Chapel. There might not be any hidden “truths” involved, but it certainly wouldn’t be acceptable if somebody smuggled video footage of the cardinals discussing the future Pope. Perhaps, if not immoral, it is not very friendly or respectful.

I don’t know what the draw is to people who get involved with these secret knowledge kinds of cults and organizations. For me, the idea that people are keeping something they think is the truth hidden from me is a giant red flag.

Rete, I do agree with you in a sense. But also, as I understand, these Temple Services aren’t like the Papal Conclave, they are more like the mass. In one sense, I agree with you because everyone deserves their private ceremonies if they wish, but in another sense, it would be like hiding the mass behind closed doors. We aren’t afraid to show people the mass, or funerals, or baptisms, or ordinations, or anything like that. The Papal Conclave is very rare and really, wouldn’t be the same without the privacy. I also don’t think there would really be anything strange going on in the conclave.

I’ve watched these videos. I’m curious. I’m not doing it as sacrilege or to offend anyone. I’m doing it to learn what goes on in the LDS Temples.

To answer OP, there is no way it is a sin to watch the temple videos.

Time for a St. Padre Pio story!

A doctor took a single camera shot of Padre Pio, and then decided he would take some more pictures. When the doctor re-adjusted his camera and was about to shoot, Padre Pio said: “No, Doctor; no photographs, please!” “Right Padre, sorry!” And then the doctor proceeded to take one photograph after another. They all came out blank except the one picture the doctor shot before being forbidden

I personally find the Masonic aspects of those rituals rather creepy. It’s not quite as creepy as the Lucifer aspects of actual Free Masonry, but it’s not far behind. However, even though I don’t in any way agree with their religion, I do happen to like the Mormons I have known. I don’t think it would help to try to “expose” them in the same way a person might expose Free Masons. Nor do I think their rituals are truly secret. They are just private and exclusive as far as I know.

Also, there were times and places where the Catholic mass was secretive. Namely in societies where our faith was persecuted. I expect to a limited extent, that time will come for us too here in America. From the context of us as Americans, I think we need more political allies than not. We can agree to disagree on matters of faith, but Mormons and Catholics have similar threats against their religious liberties. That’s something to keep in mind.

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