Is it a sin to work against a corrupt relative?

My sister is a politician in a third world country. I recently learned that she has been horrible at her job, has stolen money from the government, takes kickbacks and steals even from her own employees. She demoted her chief of staff just so she could put her husband in that position. Some of the other staff resigned, and one filed a case against her with the ombudsman.

The justice system in this country is a joke and judges can easily be bribed. Corruption like hers is actually quite rampant. Morally, one would say the right thing to do is to wait for justice to play itself out, but in a country like this, justice may never be served.

I may be in a position to fight against her. However, my conscience does not wholly agree with it. For one thing, she has been good to me personally. For another, I must admit, I resent her husband and if I work to get her and her husband (who is also guilty) charged and thrown out of office, my heart may not be in the right place. A part of me would be doing it out of resentment to her husband who has done things against me.

It’s like that scene in The Shoes of the Fisherman. Cardinal Leone said he did the right thing by giving a judgement against the heterodoxy of Father Telemond, but he didn’t do it for the right motives.

I also learnt that if I let myself make one moral slip, the devil will continue to tempt me to keep making the same moral slip, and I’d be doing the wrong thing on a bigger and bigger scale. If I act out of resentment against my sister’s husband now, eventually the temptation to see myself as some kind of bringer of Justice to people I don’t like could take over. I’d be just as wrong as them, and perhaps even worse. I cannot assume that my actions are right. My sister certainly believes everything she’s doing is correct, and I should look at her as an example of what not to be.

My conscience tells me to wait for God to do Justice. Yet I think of John Paul II and Pius XII. They actively fought against the Nazis and the Communists. They actively plotted against evil. Sure they prayed for the right thing to happen, but they did their part to make things right too.

What’s the right thing to do?

(I know some of you will probably suggest I speak with a priest. Yes I intend to do that too. But I’d like to hear your other opinions too.)

Do your part.

Waiting for something else to remove this corruption NEVER helps. I know you care for your relative, but you can’t cover for them when they do really bad stuff.

So Hilar… nvm wrong sister :slight_smile:


I would work on praying for your sister who has helped you, her husband who has hurt you, and do what you can to fight their corruption. Don’t forget to continue to pray for them!

So many times people are held back from fighting corruption by considerations such as yours, and concerns about consequences, but the fight has to start somewhere. If you do something, others may be encouraged by your example.

Family or not, it would be perfectly moral for you to fight against that kind of corruption.

Can you identify a particular act of corruption that was recent, and for which there is some kind of paper trail or other publicly available record? If you can, then you might get help from people who have technical skills (such as people who work for major newspapers, or Wikileaks, and who can ensure that whistleblowers remain anonymous).

Your goal should be to identify the corrupt act, along with publicly available evidence of it, and no words or phrases that will point in your direction as a suspected writer of the message. Your message should be sent directly to the person who committed the corrupt act, bypassing any hired help or relatives who might be handling mail for the person who committed the corrupt act.

Simply follow the example set by Jesus.

The message is …

If you sinned, then cease and desist from that sinning. If the evidence indicating that corrupt acts have been committed is actually misleading, and you didn’t commit corrupt acts, then please disregard this message.

Actually my plan involves the staff. My sister takes some of their salary and uses it for bribes. The staff is full of yes-men (part of the problem is nobody tells her she’s wrong). They are afraid to stand up against her because it’s difficult to find other work, but they are angry about this.

So my plan was to get them other employment, so they can quit en masse and would feel free to pursue cases against my sister with the ombudsman. Her office would be unable to function without anyone there to do the work. They’d also feel free to speak their mind about what they really think – word of mouth can ruin a political career – which would then collapse her campaign if she were to run again.

With these goals in place, she and her husband would face the legal consequences and would also be removed from power, and all I need to do is get her staff better jobs. Clever, huh?

You mean whistle blowing? yes;I do not believe we have a right not to. Else we are aiding corruption and sin. Yes I have done this and would do so again .

You don’t say what country but here in the Philippines there is a complaints number for this type of thing where you can anonymously give information which will then be investigated. President Duterte is totally against corrupt politicians. The number is 8888. Of course if you are not in the Philippines then ignore my comments.

Actually, it is in the Philippnes. In a Metropolitan Manila city.

That’s where I live. You can use the 8888 number to complain about the corruption you talked about in your post. The number came live in August.

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