Is it a sin to worry about nearly everything?

Is it a sin to worry about nearly everything? I worry alot about everything in life from work related situations to other people etc. Is it sinful to worry so much?

Just dropping sone possible help

Thank you! Beautiful and comforting quotes.

It’s not a sin per se. It is more a sign of anxiety and stress, which can have external or internal sources. It might help to talk to your pastor about your worries if they tend to be spiritual-- such as worrying that you are sinning frequently. If they are of the work and family type, you might want to talk them over with a counselor or your doctor to see if you have a physical or mental source of this stress and anxiety.

Only if the worry isn’t constructive.

I ‘worry’ by thinking ahead. If this gives me a better outcome, because I was prepared, it was definitely not a sin.

If I’m so worried I screw things up because of it, then it’s detrimental – but not necessarily a sin.

If I’m so worried about everything that I proceed as if God and his providence don’t exist – then I am forming a habit that can, and probably will, lead to serious problems, sin being among them.

But worry itself is not a sin.

It’s my job to be worried about stuff so other people don’t have to worry about it. I try not to lose sleep over it though. It’s not a sin.

Sensitivity is a great gift.

A feeling of vulnerability is heightened when we are about something good (and after) which is also a good sign.

To those who “tick” differently, different characteristics apply so we don’t need to get dismayed by human diversity.

I have come to learn that “worry” is a reminder to pray and trust in God’s will. My favorite prayer is “O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I placd my trust in Thee”. There is so much peace in “giving it to the Lord”.


I would talk to a priest about this. It is possible that it is anxiety related and that you may need to a professional. I will say that I have General Anxiety Disorder, and the help I have received from doctors and medicine has really helped me out. It is normal to be concerned about things in life, but if you are constantly anxious and stressed it may be a sign of something more serious than just normal anxiety that everyone experiences.

I don’t think it’s a sin, but what you’re saying is not to be totally dismissed. Paying attention to details is not wrong, quite the opposite, you’re trying to do your best.

In relations with others, I have often been accused of NOT being sensitive enough. For me, it’s too little too late, but I think it’s best to speak less rather than more, especially if my emotions are running high.

Do you have trouble sleeping because of these thoughts? It’s your decision, but you might consider some medication to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Turn off the TV with all its blare. Take up reading instead, to distract your mind – give it a rest. I’m not sure if “your time” is really your time and you can find a leisure activity. Physical exercise can help get rid of the tension.

If I’m not worrying I’m not alive. This is a part of life.

This will eat you alive ~ you deserne better, Bob. I don’t think you can chnge this habitual way of thinking easily. You might consider talking to a Catholic therapist. I fall back to praying as soon as it starts. Find some meaningful prayers that you connect to. We are in such a materialistic society so I try to remind myself that the only thing I should worry about is whether I am serving God as he desires. Go to confession and talk about this “sin”. I know the priest can help you. Just google about worry and Catholicism to find some resources.

I am not perfect and I feel your pain. EUCHARISTIC ADORAtion helps me a lot. Prayers for you!

Not according to God. God doesn’t think I deserve better.

God says I must suffer. No choice. sigh…thy will be done then…

I don’t think you can chnge this habitual way of thinking easily. You might consider talking to a Catholic therapist.

Therapists are expensive. My insurance won’t cover them.

I must worry. I’m the one carrying the cross.

Call your doocese. Many have connections with therapists or can hook you up with a good confessor that can help you. Take care~

It can be sinful to worry - to choose to worry. Your own confessor is the best person to help you address your concerns.

Hope is a theological virtue. “It keeps man from discouragement”. Read more here:

As a theological virtue, hope is a gift from God rather than something we practise or foster. Nonetheless, we need to cooperate with this grace, through prayer and through acts of the will.

You may also find this examination of conscience to be helpful:

If hope is a gift from God I haven’t gotten it. If God refuses to give it, game over.

Of course you have it. You describe yourself as Catholic - hope and faith in Christ is the very essence of being Catholic.

Hope does not mean life will be easy, nor that our cross will be light. Hope is the aspiration to be united to Christ, to attain eternal life with Him, and for His will to be done.

I’m sorry that you are struggling. As others have suggested, please try to find someone you can talk to - your pastor, a therapist. If money is a concern there are certainly still options within the Church if you reach out to find them.

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