Is it a sin to......

So, I was wondering, is it a sin to use a condom while your wife is 9 month pregnant?:confused:

For those who like details, lets just say the doctor made a comment about avoiding sex before going to see her or use a condom.

I’m assuming you’ve been told this won’t put your wife or child at an increased risk of complications.

What you’re describing in not contraception. It doesn’t matter what the medication or device is normally used for. It matters what your reason for using it is. Obviously, it is impossible that a woman that is already and very certainly pregnant could intend to avoid pregnancy, unless she were to do something that would affect her future fertility, which doesn’t apply to this case.

This might help:

This train of though would allow for male climax outside of vagina, no? Even if it is impossible to get pregnant, the act still has to be ordered towards procreation (which is different than having any possibility of getting pregnant).

Interesting read. Howerver I would not go to extremes to use a condom with holes, a holy condom :smiley: so to speak. Lol

I think we are getting too technicial when we start thinking that way. He does say at the end, we have to examine our minds and faith.

Contraception is intrinsically evil. Yes, it is wrong to use a condom. You should simply abstain.

However, each act of intercourse must be fully unitive and fuly procreative, objectively speaking. Therefore, no, a condom may not be used. “Intent” is not the issue here. It is the objective nature of the act.

By what you said, that means you cannot use a medication that would prevent birth even though you were not intending to prevent birth.

No, that is not what I said at all, nor is it correct.

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