Is it a sin to...

… link people to a website which has images on which are probably taken from somewhere off the internet, and there is nothing provided from where they got the photos from, or who took them, so they may be commiting copyright infringement.

The internet and copyright infringement are fickle beasts. Put simply, there’s almost never a solid way to know if a site has permission or not, so imo, it’s best to just not worry about it. Unless the images have watermarks and stuff like that, you basically can’t know who owns an image online.

I agree with the guy above. But, if it goes against your conscience to do it and you just feel bad about doing it, then don’t do it.

Any thing on Net is fair game. If folks wish to control its circulation then they can tag it.
Sharing a funny or animal pic. is not a crime.
Remember: ‘Imitation is highest form of flattery’. Same can be said for ‘copying’ in this context. Enjoy the Net.

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