Is it a sin..

To watch tv shows that show homosexuality in it? Im still like a newbie at the catholic religion so I have no idea if this is right or wrong.

Yep, it is. Overly violent movies are also sinful to watch. God hates the violent (can’t remember the verse) and is disgusted by homosexuals. It’s a sad fact but in today’s world there are very few films that aren’t sinful to watch. Thus I derive most of my entertainment from video games (but ones that aren’t violent).

Interesting perspective. Pardon me if I am out of line by asking, but how do you know what God hates or disgusts? Aren’t we supposed to “hate the sin but love the sinner”? If God hates violence, why are earthquakes and tsunamis and hurricanes and such called “acts of God”? If God is disgusted by homosexuals, why are there so many homosexuals? I have a feeling many of your fellow Catholics might beg to differ with you. Perhaps they are not “real” Catholics.

So God is into Lassie and Minesweeper. I wonder if he plays chess or cribbage.

I really think it depends on the particular situation. For instance, does the show glamorize the behavior? If so, then it is probably sinful. However, just making the blanket statement that “watching a TV show that includes homosexuality is sinful” cannot be correct. For instance, what if the show is explaining the negative repercussions?

I think you need to take the context of the topic into consideration when determining if it is sinful or not. Unfortunately, it is a real world issue that is beginning to permeate all of our lives in some manner. To stick our heads in the sand and ignore it can’t be the correct response.

Ask yourself what your goal is in watching the show. Is it helping you become a better person and more Christ-like? Our goal should always be to align our will more closely in tune with God’s will. I would advise you to spend more time thinking about that rather than worrying about whether the act is ok or not. Its not about a list of rules. Its about doing what will most closely align our will with God’s.

Scripture itself explicitly declares that God hates the lover of violence, and several times it denounces the abominable sins of Sodom. Because God hates those who practice violence, He himself necessarily hates violence. Remember what Jesus said, “I am gentle and meek of heart.” A gentle person must hate violence and the violent. It goes against His very essence. As to why there are so many homosexuals, it’s just their cross to carry. It’s God’s way of testing them, so to speak.

I’m sorry, Yehuda Dion, you are completely wrong, and you are leading Lo Sono Amore into error (and maybe in scrupulosity).

You write, “God hates those who practice violence…” This statement lacks any support in the New Testament that I am aware of (you cite none), nor does the Catholic Church teach this. The Church teaches that God loves all of us. He loves the violent; He loves sinners; He loves the hateful; He loves those who hate him.

There is also no support in Catholic theology for the claim that “a gentle person must hate…the violent.” Once again – as Catholics we are called to love EVERYONE.

Now, back to OP: No, there is nothing inherently sinful about watching a show featuring homosexuality per se. If it was, then there might be something as equally sinful in, say, actually (gasp!) SPEAKING with one of those homosexuals! The answer might be different if the show shamelessly promoted an active homosexual lifestyle…but we’re unclear on that.

One of the problems “new Catholics” (and some old ones!) have is the belief that lots of things are sinful when in fact they are not necessarily sinful nor good either, They are simply morally neutral. IMHO, watching a show like, say, “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy” is one of these.

I’m not wrong. “And the one who loves violence His soul hates.” (Psalm 11:5). Jesus did not come to abolish the Law, but to fulfill it. God hates violence and the violent, but His arms are always open to receive them back in mercy if they repent. His hatred for the wicked and violent can easily turn to love if they repent and change their ways.

Will it lead YOU to sin? Are YOU seeking out only shows with those overtones/plots? Questions to ask yourself, you needn’t reply here. I often watch some programs that I’ve PVR’d and therefore can fast forward any part I find particularly objectionable.

Why did Jesus turn water into wine? To demonstrate his power? Yes. But He wouldn’t have done it if He had a problem with people having a little fun.

Catholicism is not Puritanism. Catholics can quite freely drink alcohol in moderation or enjoy a cup of coffee, and even commit terrible sins of secularism such as smoking tobacco (oh, the horror!) and dining at McDonald’s.

We live in a pagan culture and every element of it will have parts that are contradictory to the Catholic Faith. We need not isolate ourselves from it entirely, however.

We can enjoy various TV shows such as comedies, even though they typically feature not just homosexuality, but also fornication and such like. We just have to understand that if we live according to the (lack of) morals presented therein, we’ll go straight down the toilet along with the toilet humour we so much enjoy.

Be wary of overt pornography and such. If you have TiVo, skip through offensive storylines blatantly promoting homosexuality. If you see that some TV show is weakening your Catholic Faith, maybe avoid watching it, and since you call yourself a newbie Catholic, if you do watch it, be particularly careful of being misled.

If you wish to give up watching a show you enjoy because some of the things it contains are against Christianity, you are free to do so, and it is something special and valuable if you do because God doesn’t demand it, but it’s a sacrifice you make for Him anyway.

No my friend,

It’s not a sin :slight_smile:

Just pay attention when you choose what you watch on TV.

God bless you .

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