Is it a sin?

If you plan a vacation and it is far away from a catholic church, over an hour, and you miss mass.

Let’s say you would like to go to a ski trip and the nearest parish is 1.5 hr drive?

I think you can ask your regular priest for a dispensation for that Sunday only.

Exactly. Your pastor can give a dispensation and then you don’t have to worry about it.

Ask for a dispensation.

It’s also nice to print out the Mass readings before you go and take a couple minutes on Sunday to at least read them.
That’s what we did when we found out that the church near our regular campsite had closed (it only had about 5 regular parishioners and there was no replacement when the priest died).

I believe dispensation is only required if you’re going to be living in a place for a period of time that is longer than just taking a vacation.

I think you’ll get this answer when you ask your priest.


I’ve always been under the impression that it’s needed to miss any Sunday mass (that you can foresee missing). Otherwise, missing would be a mortal sin. If you missed just thinking “I’ll confess before next week” then that’d be presumption (at least in my imperfect understanding). Then that’s a whole big double sinning mess- better to just talk to the priest and receive a dispensation.

Certainly can’t hurt to ask in any case. The answer will either be “you don’t need dispensation, you’re fine,” or, most likely “you’re dispensed.”

Ok it’s Friday and it’s going to be a blizzard with lots of fresh snow above 4,000’ so I’m going to crystal mountain Washington no time to ask a priest because I’m sure if I called my parish I would get the answering mechine. And when I spend the night up there it is supposed to snow 12-36" in the next 2 days. So I doubt I’ll be able to drive easily down to the nearest parish in enumclaw with it not taking half the day

OK, here’s the answer from EWTN

You don’t commit sin by going on vacation where there is no Mass available.

It would only be a sin if you didn’t even bother to see if there was a Mass but just ignored the entire thing for your own convenience.

At this point, it’s up to the conscience of the individual.


There is a resource on the internet for checking for times and locations for Mass:

Maybe this site will help you find a closer Mass.


Yes I think it’s called google or bing

I’m sure the other posters are probably right. :thumbsup:

That said, I’ve driven “over an hour” each way to go to Mass on vacation. Takes 4 hours out of a Sunday; plenty of time left for the vacation. :shrug:

Unless it is WAY more than an hour, or there is a significant chance of getting stuck and not making it there and back at all.


The ski area had a catholic service at 1pm!!!


I offerred you THE resource for all Mass Times in the ENTIRE world and you sarcastically reply with this? :rolleyes:

Sorry, I don’t see the sarcasm. :shrug:


I detected sarcasm in that Google or Bing are standard solutions for everything, and everybody knows about them, so telling someone Google or Bing is the modern equivalent of the classic computer science acronym RTFM. :tsktsk:

Classically, RTFM was reserved for someone who did no due diligence to research a problem before asking others for help, and this was back when bandwidth was precious and we didn’t get 100 SPAM every day. They would ask of computer experts a question that is completely obvious if they had only spent three minutes to crack open the manual. Of course that was back in the day when equipment actually came with operating manuals. :rolleyes:

In this case, the poster who offered “Google or Bing” was responding to a poster who did, in fact, do due diligence to find a site that was specialized for the exact purpose at hand. So an answer with attitude similar to “RTFM” was not justified in this case. :nope:

Anyway that’s how I saw it. :wink:


Thanks. I thought I interpretted the post correctly as sarcasim and it was not a matter of PEBKAC on my part. :smiley:

Sorry for the sarcasim it’s a great web site

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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