Is it a sin?

Sometimes when i watch TV or something simmiliar and some charater does or is doing something bad, sometimes a thought comes by, often that thought is judging. But im not actually judging only a thought comes by saying for example glutton or something else. I don’t want to think like that only a thought comes by.

When you start thinking every little thing is a sin, it’s time to have a talk with your priest. And if you are a minor, tell your parents about your worries.

You can judge the sin but not the sinner.

^ Depends on what you mean by “judge”

If you mean to determine something as right or wrong, that is fine. It is often times an act of charity to let someone know when they’re doing something sinful. After all, sin darkens the spirit and makes it more difficult to see God.

The original “judge” meant condemn. We do not know the state of a person’s soul, so we cannot tell them they are going to hell. That is between them and God.

The OP is talking about fictional characters on television. “Judging” them is more along the lines of literary criticism.

His/her problem seems to be an over concern with little things like this being a sin. Which is why I suggested talking with the pastor and/or parents.

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